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It was negative!

YAY! Praise God! for now the results about antibodies and all that auto-immune stuff that I don’t even completely understand (ANA test) was negative! So it seems it’s not lupus… I say “it seems” because lupus is a weird disease that is hard to diagnose and some people who have it have had a “negative” result in their ANA test… but I am happy, it’s good news! Anyway… we still have to find out why such strange reaction to the sun… but for now I am just content with the fact that there are more chances that is not lupus!

I’ve been doing good with my eating and staying in the same weight… Hopefully once my skin is doing better (I now have a cortisone cream) I will be able to exercise more (right now is unbearable because I can’t get overheated) I went to the pool last night and moved A LOT! there… yesterday was my oldest girl’s birthday (she turned 4) and I made two cakes, I had like an “open house” so people started coming at 10 a.m. and the last person left a little after 7 p.m.! It was sooo great! she had tons of fun and lots of gifts! We are overwhelmed with how many people responded! we’ve lived here only 1 year and we’ve made so many great friendships we can’t even believe it! I didn’t even have cake (just a tiny bit to taste it… I had to know how they turned out!!) and I still drank enough water and ate my regular healthy food! didn’t have any soda either!

Plus since I made fondant for the first time I burned lots of calories the day before working with the fondant dough and rolling it out! (Praise God for stand up mixers! I didn’t have to knead as much!) (I don’t know how much time I spent doing that but it seemed like forever! My arms were hurting at the end anyway!)


Thank you for your words of encouragement! I will try to be here more often as I am back to feeling more optimistic about my health! I appreciate your words and comments! šŸ™‚


Oh! Here is a picture of the cakes I made:



3 thoughts on “It was negative!

  1. First of all, congratulations on your negative result! That must be a big weight off your shoulders!
    I have never worked with fondant before, but I’ve been a LITTLE tempted. Is it very difficult?
    Sounds like your little girl had a great day! My little girl is turning 14 next week. :/

    • Thanks Shadow! šŸ™‚ … Fondant… my goodness! I knew it would be hard but it was even harder than I thought to be honest… but totally worth it! my daughter loved her cakes! I was sooo happy and pleased with the results (these pics don’t even do any justice, if you still have the link to my cooking blog you can see better pics there) the special thing I liked the most about the recipe I used is that it tastes more like buttercream frosting than the usual fondant… which has a weird aftertaste usually! I got raves on the flavor and everyone ate the whole thing (usually you’d see pieces of leftover fondant but this wasn’t the case) totally worth it! I can send you the recipe if you’d like!

  2. I am so happy for you! Hopefully the cream will help your skin soon. It must be very uncomfortable.
    The cake looks really good! I made fondant out of marshmallow(recipe from wilton site) and it was very easy but as you said it taste like sugary grease but I guess I could have used butter instead of shortening. It was more for th look anyway because it was an halloween cake. Still have a picture somewhere.
    You did awesome not having cake while serving it to peolple for a whole day! šŸ™‚

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