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2 posts in a day? This is worth it!

Well… it seems that after my “period of inconsistency” on my blog… I have lots of things to share… there are some other things I’d like to blog about but for now I am just going to leave you with this inspirational story about someone from my country… Mexico!

“Her name is Maria Salome, she ran the k10 race “OXXO 2012″ in Mexico and won (by far)!, she had no proper running shoes or clothes, her hair lose and running just with a big heart and her strong legs proudly representing her people from Chihuahua, Mx…. leaving experienced, properly dressed runners far behind!”


The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “2 posts in a day? This is worth it!

    • I know! I thought so too! Many of the people from the tribes where she is from “tarahumara” run in mountains and long distances with no shoes at all… when there are races that open many times they join because there might be some money as a prize and they need it to feed their families. She is not the only case.

      • Without looking it up to be sure, I believe this is the tribe written about in the book “Born to Run”. The book talks about how our feet are naturally meant to run, but when we inhibit them with shoes, that’s when problems arise. He uses this tribe as proof of his theory.
        How interesting that is. I may have to read more about them.

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