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Waiting for news… hopefully not bad!

I’ve been away lately.. mostly because I can’t even get myself to put my ideas in order… I actually try to avoid to think and when I have some time to myself instead of posting here I just watch TV or do something to keep my mind off of the things that could make me worry…
So… I am being tested for Lupus… I don’t even remember if I mentioned it here but every time I am in the sun I get a very weird rash on my face, neck, under my chin and even arms and legs… I feel like I am burning and even a little bit of exercise makes me itchier because of the ongoing rash! So… the doctor thinks it might be lupus (due to my RA History, etc.) so we are testing for that… and I’ve been already warned that the treatment is with steroids… and that steroids make you gain weight… -sigh-
I know that doesn’t HAVE TO result on me being obese again… but I can’t help but feel scared… feeling scared makes me feel out of control and I don’t like the feeling… Right now I am just waiting for the latest rash from the last sun exposure to recede so I can go again to the gym and run! This thing (whatever it is) is a bummer! I can’t go swimming with my girls… we wanted to go to South Padre Island for vacations… and I just CAN’T be in the sun… at all! Not even a little bit! Even with sunscreen I feel like I am burning and is just not good for me…

sorry this isn’t the inspirational, enthusiastic post you were probably expecting or hoping for… is not a depressed one either… I am just sharing what’s going on and letting you know that this weight thing… well.. my goals are still the same and I’ll continue to work towards attaining them… I will not let myself go! I am still going to be free… I am still fighting not only being overweight but the bad habits and sedentary life that led to that! Right now I gain a little and lose again… I am just basically staying in my weight but looking forward to running again and getting things going to keep losing!
Thank you for being here!


The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Waiting for news… hopefully not bad!

  1. Oh no! I am so sorry about what you’re going through! Good on you for letting that out on your blog, it’s what a blog should be about! You living in sunny Texas doesn’t help your case at all, does it? Not the best time for it to happen either but there is probably never a good time for that kind of stuff. Don’t get discourage, I don’t know much about Lupus(weird how it starts all the sudden like allergies) but you might have to take steroids for a while until you get better and then maybe you’ll be able to find a way around that when you got control over it. Keep us update and keep on with the healthy foods as much as you can, it can only help. I am sending you positive thoughts and hope your doing alright! πŸ™‚

  2. The waiting must be incredibly hard, but hopefully knowing the actual cause of your rashes will provide some relief. Sometimes it’s the “not knowing” that is scary. Either way, I wish you the best and am sending positive vibes your way!
    I’m like you in the sense that I would rather not write about some things that are bothering me, because it tends to cause me to focus on those issues when I would rather just forget about ’em. But sometimes it’s very helpful to let it all out. We’ll be here for you! πŸ™‚

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