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Facing my fears!

So… I always struggle to get up early in the morning… Having RA … well… even when there are no flare ups or no joint pain… I am usually tired… exhausted! but this morning… I fought the feeling… I don’t even know how I did it… I guess I was just determined! I had to do it earlier to “get it out of the way” I hadn’t exercised PROPERLY for about 2 weeks I think… and I wasn’t liking the feeling! I mean… my last “exercise” was August 11th and it was good but not INTENSE… at all… So I was even afraid I wouldn’t be able to run again! I was afraid of getting on the treadmill at the gym and finding out that I got all out of breath even by just walking… but I decided that even if that was the case it was better to “face it now” and get back at it instead of waiting longer and really having to work harder…

Well… I discovered I had nothing to be worried about… I ran three miles and walked for about 6 extra minutes… I did feel it took a little more effort but I was far from tired… I couldn’t stay in the gym longer because hubby had to leave for work… so I just exercised from 6:30 to 7:20 a.m. it was great! I am so happy I did this! I don’t know why when we are afraid of “facing something” we postpone it and then just make it even worse! Whatever it is… you know? There are things that we are going to have to do sooner or later… and we know deep down inside of us that if we do it NOW it’s at least going to be done and it won’t torment us in our minds any longer… but no… we decide to wait and prolong the agony… At least I know I do!

So I took this picture when I was almost done this morning:


And to end my day on a high note… Look what was just outside my window a minute ago:


Beautiful right? No matter how bad the storm… or how dark it all seems… there’s always some light … go outside and find it! This rainbow did πŸ™‚

The Thin Lady Inside


6 thoughts on “Facing my fears!

  1. Great job! You are always so inspiring with your positive energy. It’s what I should do, just one morning of exercise to see that remind myself that it isn’t so bad after all insteat of staying stock in my “busy doing other things” mode! πŸ™‚

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