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Embrace the Feeling!

Yes… are you hungry? Embrace it! Are you tired? Embrace it! you are alive! You are working hard! Do not give up! It’s worth it!

Last night… I had already eaten everything I needed and had to have for the day… plus my sugar free chocolate pudding and coffee at night… and still felt hungry! I was tempted to give in and just go ahead and eat… but I realized I had had ENOUGH for the day… and decided to exercise some self control! I don’t eat little… even when I am trying to lose weight… I make big plates of food! For breakfast I have a big plate with tons of sauteed vegetables and 1 egg, plus some cheese and bread, for lunch I have a very good big sandwich that includes avocado and some roasted zucchini on the side, for dinner I try to make it lighter (especially if I indulge with carbs during the day and yesterday I ate too much rice for lunch) but I do eat! and yesterday… knowing how much rice I had had (and that I even had a thin slice of chocolate cake) I knew… it wasn’t appropriate for me to eat anything else… I need to teach my body also… to not be “stuffed” I need to learn to eat to live not the other way around… So… I decided to “embrace the feeling” of rumbling in my stomach… I have to embrace the feeling of being tired after working out too! It’s all part of what I am doing and makes me feel alive and with power over this! In the very moment I feel a little desperate but later, when I succeeded and look back it makes it all worth it and makes me feel I can do this!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Embrace the Feeling!

  1. Good for you for exercising some will power, but there are some tricks to fooling your stomach – especially when YOU know it should be full. You could down a big glass of water. You could chew gum. You could drink some caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee (they suppress appetites). You could suck on a mint (also known to suppress appetites) or give in and have a low calorie but satisfying snack.
    I’m like you. I eat BIG. I like big portions, so I choose foods that I can eat a lot of for very few calories. Butter free popcorn is a great snack! Pickles, although high in sodium, are low calorie. Cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon are foods that you can eat a lot of.
    I think you’ve mentioned these ideas before, so I’m sure you know about them already. And you are absolutely right about one thing. When you reach your goal, all of your work and willpower will have worth the effort! Keep it up!

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