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Exercise is IT!

Good morning! New day! New mercies… right? in Mexico we say “borron y cuenta nueva” which means something like “let’s erase it all and start a new tab” LOL! So… whatever happened, happened, right? Right now… I am very excited… I’ve never lost the will to lose weight… I’ve never gotten that goal out of my mind… I just for some reason went through a rough patch… and even some self-sabotage that I am still trying to figure out why! WHY!?? every time I would start successfully losing some more weight I would eat..like I HAD TO… I would eat compulsively, nervously, weird!!! some therapist in the house? LOL!

I was also lazy with the exercise and I think that’s what made it easier to eat… when you don’t work hard to burn calories and you have those numbers right on your face after sweating for an hour and realizing how hard it is to burn the calories it is easier (at least for me) to eat more without caring much for the calories… I know it sounds ridiculous and it should probably be the opposite… where if you are not exercising you would be more self-aware of the fact that you can’t indulge! but… it’s not my case!

Anyway… Yesterday I exercised and did very good with my eating… I don’t care about the scale right now… I can’t say I’ll weigh myself or not.. because I am not even interested… I know my last weigh-in (on Wednesday) I was 179 so I have still managed to stay in the same weight… it’s a good thing I haven’t really gained but it’s a bad thing I am still at the same place when I should be much lighter right now… but it doesn’t even make sense to focus on that… so… I will not commit to weighing or not weighing but to exercising… because that really keeps me focused and helps me watch what I eat closely!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Exercise is IT!

  1. Great realization! Exercising puts you in the frame of mind to eat well. Almost like you don’t want to ‘undo’ all the work you just did. Plus, I think your body craves healthier food when you’ve given it work to do.
    I like your attitude about starting a new tab. 🙂 You’re always so positive – so I have a feeling you’ll be able to reach your goal eventually! 😉 Keep it up!

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