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Update and Salsa/Salad

Hello friends! Sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with my posting… lots of stuff going on… baking for a birthday party, summer camp for my 3 yr. old, and summer in general! 😉 …
So… everything is going well here… slow and at times temptation and old habits/nasty reactions creep up! It’s like the fat me wants to sabotage me… this jailer doesn’t want to let me go! And the good and bad news is that the keys to this jail are in my hands!
Anyway… Lots to ponder… but this battle is something that I’ve come to realize I’m always going to fight and I’m never going to quit! No matter how long it takes! I feel like an alcoholic in recovery… I am being honest… like I have to count the days of sobriety! But I’m on it! I AM ON IT!

I ate a lot on Sunday… had beef fajitas, tortillas, refried beans and cheese… so yummy but it was bad… I mean… way more calories than I needed… plus I wasn’t exercising as much… going to run with my friend gave me this weird rash/allergic reaction where even my lips were all swollen… I don’t do well in Humid/hot weather and I live in an incredible hot/humid place… going outside almost kills me… it’s horrible! So I had to stop the exercise for a few days to avoid sweating to avoid making the rash (all on my face, neck and shoulders) more bearable! … I gained a few pounds but didn’t scare me… it was weird… It was like “it doesn’t matter… they’ll go away! I am losing them!” and just going back to my more strict eating and exercising made me lose 2 of those pounds pretty quickly… so… I’ll keep working!
And now the salsa/salad!

You need:

If you notice I won’t give you exact amounts… Mexican cooking is all about tasting and adding more or less of what you enjoy or don’t enjoy so much… Yes… we, Mexicans, have recipes but most of them will tell you “turn the fire down when it smells like this… or when you see this do that, or add a pinch of this or a bunch of that” LOL! It’s all about your senses! and in this case it will also be about being smart with the calories because avocado, being a great source of potassium and vitamin C it’s worth all of its calories but yes…. they are many!

So… you need cilantro, cucumber, “serrano pepper” (you can use jalapeño which is milder), avocado, tomato, onion, fresh lime juice, salt and pepper to season!

Chop your ingredients, squeeze that lime, season, mix, taste, adjust and enjoy!

Serrano pepper! (avoid the seeds to reduce the heat)

This goes great with grilled meat! (beef, chicken or anything)

I really need my sleep right now but I’ll come back tomorrow to visit blogs and comment!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Update and Salsa/Salad

  1. That looks very similar to a recipe I’ve recently tried. It was delicious!
    I love the measurements and cooking by smell. (I actually do that, but thought I was silly for doing so…)
    You’re allowed a few indulgences every once in a while. Seems like you’re not beating yourself up too bad, which is a good thing! Just get back on track! You’re right! You can do it! 🙂

  2. I am laughing as I read Shadow’s comment because I also made pretty much the same salad the other day after seeing the picture on your other post and it was really good except it would have been better with lime juice(I only had lemon). I love cilantro but cannot handle much “heat” lol You will lose those pounds, I know it! 🙂

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