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And then the test came!

Hello everyone! So… in my last post I shared I would go back to weighing everyday! And I said this time I wouldn’t freak out whenever I saw an increase on the scale as long as I knew I was doing the right thing that’s all that mattered.
So… next day… I hopped on the balance board for my body test (after a very good day with my eating and everything) and it said: +1.9 pounds… and I couldn’t help but actually LAUGH OUT LOUD! What in the world?” I mean! “That’s ok”
Yes… the first test to my “not freaking out” came sooner than I expected but I actually did great… It was just a test to show if I am as strong to face this and if I’ve learned anything and I feel I have! Of course I’d like to see the numbers go down to 135 in a week!!! LOL! But I know what I am doing is a long term thing and I actually enjoyed this first “increase” to show myself that I’m really “growing up” and being smarter for the way I take things! I am eating well… exercising and staying active and that’s all that matters… the scale is just a tool to help me stay accountable… like a “visual reminder” for me to not forget this is a daily commitment! but it’s my decisions, choices and active lifestyle what matters and what makes a difference!

So… I am pretty proud of this new way of “reacting” and now I just want to share with you  Mexican dish (authentic!) that I think you’ll like to try…

These are tostadas de pollo! (chicken tostadas) They are very easy to make and they are so yummy!
All you need are corn tostadas (you can even get the baked ones to make them even healthier and reduce the fat) but any tostadas will do… they are 50 calories each.

Then you need some refried beans (try to get the fat reduced) (I use GOYA refried Pinto Beans -Traditional or RANCHERO-) 1/2 cup of beans is 140 calories but you don’t need half a cup you are just going to thinly spread the beans on each tostada, which is about 1 tbsp. per tostada. Let’s say it’s about 50 calories from the beans.

Then add some shredded chicken breast, you don’t need a lot, let’s say about 1/2 cup of chicken breast will do that’s 126 calories.

Top it with thinly sliced avocado… be conservative with the avocado… 1/4 avocado will be 70 calories.

Top it all (and go crazy) with thinly sliced lettuce, chopped tomato and onions! you can drizzle it with a little bit of low fat sour cream, it would add about 60 calories.

Enjoy your delicious meal all for about 500 calories!

I know it still sounds like a lot of calories, but these calories come from pretty good stuff… You can use this dish to “indulge” and still stay in control! when you feel like you are craving something like “tacos” or the “greasy stuff that people say is Mexican but it isn’t” then why don’t you just make these amazing tostadas? They are fresh, rich, colorful and they’ll satisfy your craving!

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4 thoughts on “And then the test came!

  1. It looks delicious! I doubt that I can find those ingredients around here but I will open my eyes just in case. You had a great reaction with the scale even if you were hoping for some dow numbers, it’s improvement right? It will come down soon 🙂

  2. Just because the numbers are higher, doesn’t mean you gained weight. All kinds of things contribute to our weight fluctuations. So good for you for not freaking out. 🙂 Just continue to exercise and eat healthy and the numbers will go down in the long run.
    Your meal looks delicious! I’ll be trying it out with the family for sure! We love Mexican food!

  3. I admire your courage to weigh in everyday and your discipline not to freak out at a gain. Gives me an extra edge when I anticipate my weigh in. Thanks for the good example to follow.

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