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Update, weight and running!

Hello friends! I’ve been busy enjoying summer! I enjoyed my mom and sister a lot! and I’ve been enjoying food more than I should’ve too! … I did great when my mom and sister were here… it’s amazing how good I do when there’s family around and/or celebrations… I kind of get this feeling of “pride” on what I am doing and accomplishing and it keeps me from falling into temptation… but later… when there’s no party, restaurant or family around… I just put food in my mouth that I shouldn’t be eating… nothing big… but little by little, snacking by snacking it all adds up… right? it’s like when you go grocery shopping and buy many little cheap things and end up having a huge bill and you wonder how in the world that happened if you didn’t buy anything expensive! well… same here!
Nothing has been huge but I have gained two pounds in the past week and I don’t like it because I know it’s not “the scale playing games with me” or some “weird result of gaining muscle and losing fat” nope! It’s  totally the not exercising as consistently and snacking here and there…
So…. I’m back to weighing everyday… it seemed to work for me the first few months and it seems to keep me controlled …. I know it’s totally a “mentality thing” but it helps me feel scared to put stuff in my mouth that is going to reflect the next day!  I promise I won’t freak out if there are some variations that could be disappointing… I just need to do that in order to feel accountable each day!

Right now I weigh 180.0 pounds … I had already reached 178 so… I want to leave those 180’s behind and hopefully soon be in the 160’s! I went swimming with my girls yesterday and then ran 1.5 miles and walked 1.5 miles in the evening with a friend for a total of 3 miles…. the first 1.5 miles which we run… I felt like giving up the whole time! I am happy I had my friend by me who kept saying “you got this girl!” “just a little bit more” “you’ll be happy when you finish” and … that kept me going! So I finished what we had initially planned to run!

Today I had my omelette with vegetables in the morning and this was my lunch:

Looking forward to losing more!

The Thin Lady Inside





2 thoughts on “Update, weight and running!

  1. Your lunch looks good! You know it’s hard to see the fluctuations frm everyday weighing but I understand because it kind of kept me motivated for ages. Whatever work is gd I think and we change and come back to what we used to do and it’s alright. It’s such a long journey that we are allowed to change our mind 🙂 I keep changing mind lol

  2. Healthylife is right. Do what works for you. Just remember you said you wouldn’t flip out if the scale shows some fluctuations. 😉
    Your lunch looks great! And you ran 1.5 miles?? AWESOME!!

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