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Too good to be true

Ok… the magic is over… today… I couldn’t resist the temptation and finally weighed myself… I realized that to avoid weighing myself I was avoiding exercising on the balance board… it was too hard to get on that thing and not check my weight… it’s like stepping on a scale and closing your eyes! so… I was avoiding my exercise there… Did good for the most part… staying active and going to the pool often but it just wasn’t the same… exercising on the balance board is “my working out” especially now that hubby’s hours are so long and when he comes home I can’t just “leave” to go to the gym…. So… I decided to “break it” weigh myself and just train on the balance board… I’ll continue to weigh myself daily from here…
What did the scale say you wonder? It showed +1.3 pounds after 3 weeks of not checking my weight! I didn’t weigh myself in the morning… this “weigh in” barely counts because I had just had lunch and tons of water but I do realize it means I haven’t really lost that much… we’ll see tomorrow when I weigh myself in the morning…

I’ve been eating more lately… staying in control though… I’ve been proud of myself and even if the scale doesn’t show “too much change” my face does! All of a sudden people are telling me I do look thinner… and I feel it too (not so much around the waist) but mainly my arms and face! which is good.
I hope that going back to weighing myself daily helps me stay accountable … that works for me… maybe not for everybody but it does for me… at least for now… maybe once I’ve reached my goal I’ll be able to wean myself off of the scale… I must say I’ve learned a lot during these 3 weeks though and I am sure it will make it easier for me to stay strong those days when I don’t see any change or there’s even a slight increase.

So… that’s it… end of my “No Scale” project and beginning of the rest of my journey…. This isn’t over until it’s over!!! And I am still fighting… Trust me… I will win!

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “Too good to be true

  1. I personally think you did a great job! It just seemed like you were becoming so down on yourself after seeing the numbers on the scale that you needed to take a break from it for a while. And who knows… you may have gained a pound even after weighing every day…or maybe not…
    Overall, when I read about your food intake and all the exercise you’re doing, I think you are on the right track to a healthy weight and lifestyle. It’s very possible that you’re gaining muscle which would add a few pounds as well. (Muscle happens to weigh more than fat…) Especially if people are noticing that you look thinner. Have you ever taken your measurements? Are your clothes fitting looser?
    Either way, I’m happy that you took the challenge. The scale can help keep you on track, but you should view it as a weekly or bi-weekly average… not a day-to-day number. I can tell the past few weeks you’ve had a great attitude about being healthy and exercising. Don’t let the numbers on the scale affect your positive side! You’re doing great!

    • Thanks Shadow! Would you believe me if I told you I was afraid I’d disappoint you? Or I would set a bad example or discourage others? But I realize I can’t burden myself with worries like that (especially because it doesn’t make any sense) You’ve all been so wonderful to me! 🙂 I just love what I am doing… I love the way I am feeling and I love having everyone’s support here! There is no stopping me! That’s for sure! 🙂 Thank you for cheering me up like always!

      • I could never be disappointed! I honestly feel so proud of you for taking on this challenge! You have to know what works for you, and sometimes you can’t find that out without trying new things. But it hasn’t been all bad! Your past few posts have been full of self pride! And you can’t continue this journey without that. If you have pride and trust in yourself, then the fluctuating numbers on the scale aren’t going to affect you.
        No worries!! 🙂

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