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I am back… 13 days and counting

Hello friends! I was away for a week! I am sorry I didn’t give more details! Nothing wrong was happening… just my hubby left on a trip and I felt very vulnerable… I didn’t want to share about it online because you never know who might be reading … and I am not talking about my friends or fellow weight fighters! I am talking about just privacy/safety in general… right? And I knew that If I posted here (which is my most personal, intimate blog) would be hard without sharing about him not being home and the struggles I would face as a result of him being away… It was harder, indeed… the girls got sick… I got sick too.. (just that cough, sniffles that persisted!) and it wasn’t easy for me being on my own with them… I know 6 days without my hubby my seem like nothing for many…. especially those brave women whose hubbies have to travel for work or serve somehow in the Army, Marines, etc… but for me it was just an eternity… I am not used to that, and the girls aren’t either… so my littlest one was having some “emotional issues” (to call it something) and didn’t want to go to bed AT ALL! She needed her daddy to hold her like each night (even when she is my “independent one”) so we stayed up later from them being sick, missing their daddy, etc… I only exercised one day and I know that was wrong… My intention was to exercise even more than I usually do but I let my “feeling overwhelmed” win in that area… no excuses… just letting you know what happened. I did good with my eating though… and I was sooo tempted to weigh myself… The first two days that hubby was gone were ok… I actually spent all Monday with friends (pool, sharing cake -not me eating it… just sharing it- etc.) Tuesday was great too, we spent some time at a friend’s house and had dinner with her and her family…when her husband (NFL Player) appeared for dinner, my littlest girl just threw herself right at him! She was needing someone (a man) to hold her… and since he is sooo big she just CHOSE HIM! you should’ve seen her! You could tell she wasn’t as happy as she is with daddy but she found comfort there… I was glad… and that was actually the only night she went to bed without crying!

here is a pic of that:


So… here I am … back on track! 13 days I haven’t weighed myself and today will be the 14th… Happy to be back and looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing from all of you! and actually looking forward to RUNNING AND RUNNING some more to burn all the extra calories I didn’t burn this week!

Thanks for being here and part of my life!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “I am back… 13 days and counting

  1. Awwwe! She is adorable! I know how you feel about being without hubby! Even if hubby is never there for supper if he is gone for one night, it feels so weird and wrong! Being sick must have made things so much harder. You did great considering everything that was going on and you are so right about the safety issue. It’s always better to be extra careful I reckon.
    I made a deal with Shadow and I didn’t weigh in wednesday and I will only weigh in on July the second(monday) so we are in the same boat for a little while lol

    • Thank you!!! I am excited for you no weighing yourself! 🙂 SO excited! And looking forward to hearing how you are doing… It has sure made me feel more relaxed (the not weighing in often) but… at the same time a little “too much” and I don’t like that feeling… but like shadow says…it’s not the scale… it’s us! And we must stay accountable with or without a scale… You can do it!!!

  2. How sweet is that! I love seeing big, burly men holding babies. They have the softest hearts, don’t they?
    When my kids were little, it was SO hard whenever my hubby left town. Now that they are older, I don’t mind near as much. In fact, sometimes it’s nice to have the separation for a while. I think you’ll see what I mean when you’ve been married over 20 years. 😉
    Glad things are back to normal for you! It’s good to hear from you again!

    • I know! It’s really sweet right? 🙂 Yes… hubby and I say he is a gentle giant! Such a nice person and great friend!

      Thanks for being here shadow! I’ve needed you and Healthy Life!that’s for sure!

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