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Not posting…

I have to take a break from posting (Maybe I’ll be able to post more than I think)… I’ll share more about the reasons on Saturday… but do not worry… everything is ok and I am strong! It’s been 7 days (today will be the 8th) of my “No Scale Project” and I am learning a lot!
I’ll be back soon!

Happy Father’s Day everyone (by the way… I just had a slice of chocolate cake! LOL! I’ll share more on Saturday but… no worries! )

The Thin Lady Inside.


2 thoughts on “Not posting…

  1. I didn’t have cake, but I’m about ready to indulge in some home-smoked pulled pork with cornbread pancakes… and then top it off with ice cream.
    Looks like I’ll be running a little longer than usual tomorrow. 🙂
    Can’t wait to hear more about what’s going on with you! You’ve got me in suspense!!

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