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No Scale Project – Day 5


Hello everyone! I hope you had a Good Thursday! Here I am … with my No Scale Project! It’s day 5 and basically today was a very, very easy day! Hubby took the day off today and we headed to the beach! ah! the beach! I loved it! I was a little nervous about missing the “chips and soda” that are like a “staple” when going to the beach (at least for me) … But I packed some sandwiches, green salad, some fresh cheese (I love “queso Panela”), cucumbers, snacks for the girls, orange juice for hubby (which we didn’t even drink) and lots of water….

I loved it! I soooo loved it! I did NOT miss at all feeling all heavy and bloated from too much eating or drinking soda… I was happy and energetic… and I loved the feeling, I realized you actually enjoy more THAT WAY than sitting and munching on greasy snacks and pounding tons of a fussy, sugary, syrupy liquid down your throat!

Here I am with hubby and my littlest one… my 3 yr. old took the pic so obviously she is not there.

After our day at the beach we stopped at Subway and I had a delicious sub with lots of veggies and no mayo or dressing, just mustard and of course more water… So I stayed active today and obviously did not weigh myself… I feel like it was “cheating” since I wasn’t even at home with the temptation of getting on the scale or anything like that… But I guess it still counts… I did NOT weigh myself…

So… there you go! 🙂 Day 5 – Completed!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “No Scale Project – Day 5

  1. Awesome! It,s nice to have a breack of thinking about no weighing yourself loll. It looks like a lovely place and You look amazing! Nice family photos too, you are definitely a happy family 🙂

  2. Yay! You look so happy! And how exciting that you realized you feel better after eating healthy “snack” foods as opposed to junk snacks. Those are the realizations you need to help keep you on the right track.
    As well, you KNOW that you are eating healthy and staying active, so if you were to get on the scale right now and it showed a slight gain, it would depress you… so YAY for not letting that happen! The pride you feel today is coming from YOU! Not your scale. The scale will catch up soon enough…
    Way to go! I’m extremely proud! 🙂

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