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After the storm… comes the calm!

So… I started the NO Scale project on June 9th! Today is going to be the 4th day of no weighing myself! … The first 3 days were weird… I got sick and also got the visit from the always faithful monthly friend of every woman! all at once… so… I was hungrier! No weighing myself and being hungrier wasn’t easy… so I ate more… I felt like “I won’t see a bad number tomorrow because I won’t even weigh myself so it’s ok to eat” Not exactly in those words… in my mind it sounded more like “I am sick so my body is probably needing some more nutrients to recover” … huh! that sounds better right? Well… that was a lie my mind was telling me and I knew my stomach was the one speaking … and my weakness and bad old habits were trying to creep on … so sickness, hunger, anxiety for not weighing myself and crazy hormones were all gathering to make the “perfect storm” in my mind and cloud my REASONING and better judgment

(I actually took these pics yesterday and I felt it was exactly like the turmoil happening inside my head and soul)

But just like it all came… so fast and unexpectedly… it all left and the calm arrived… and I feel like that right now… I am still cautious and don’t want to let my guard down… I have to be watching my calorie intake closer and make sure I stay committed to this even without the scale… but I feel better. Unfortunately I won’t be able to exercise much today but my calories have been great so far… I don’t feel as anxious and out of control and I’ll for sure come later just to “leave my stamp of the day”

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and kind words! Your words were like the wind that made all those clouds move and finally clear the sky!

Thank you!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “After the storm… comes the calm!

  1. I’m proud of you…really…. you’re doing a great job fighting temptation. It WILL get easier. I can promise you that! Just keep fighting those inner voices and after a while, they’ll back down. 😉
    Scary lookin’ storm! Glad it was over quick.

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