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No Scale Project – Day 3

Here I am … I didn’t weigh myself today either… it was harder than yesterday because I did exercise and I got on the balance board… but the hardest thing for me today was the eating… I ate more than I should’ve and this no weighing myself is definitely going to be a learning experience because I am battling with thoughts like “it’s ok! I can eat this! I have a month to lose it anyway!” I mean… the thoughts aren’t as “clear and shameless” like that! I disguise them and “lie to myself” at times… but that’s what I HONESTLY FEEL INSIDE OF ME! And it’s horribly scary! It’s like if weighing myself was what “kept me together” and kept me from eating because I knew if I ate “anything” wrong I would see it on the scale right away… now that the scale is gone… I feel lost and like I can eat… and it is horrible! I ate more rice than I should’ve (rice… rice!!! My constant battle!!!!) and I caught myself nibbling more often when I cooked and when I opened the fridge or from my girls’ snacks! I am being totally honest here!

I did exercise though… even when I am sick… I sneezed, coughed and kept blowing my nose the whole time but I needed to feel somewhat “in control” and have some sense of “I am doing this!!!” IYKWIM!

-sigh- Anyway… I have to go now… not feeling great but I am still fighting! Recognizing my weaknesses, being honest with myself… and moving on! MOVING ON!


The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “No Scale Project – Day 3

  1. Yikes! Be sure to make yourself accountable for the calories you take in. If you have a set amount of calories you’re trying to limit yourself to, then be sure to be honest “on paper” about how much you’ve eaten. That will help you stay in check.
    Keep in mind that you don’t need the scale to tell you that you overate. YOU know you did. πŸ™‚ It’s not the end of the world of course, just get back on track again tomorrow.
    And congrats on exercising while sick! I tend to do that as well, and my illness doesn’t usually last very long. I attribute it to the exercising. πŸ™‚
    Feel better soon!

    • Thanks Shadow! I know it’s me and not the scale! It’s just weird how your own mind tries to sabotage you! I am so happy I am recognizing what’s going on right away! I shared my feelings with hubby last night and he was terrified! LOL! I said… ok… I don’t need you to freak out and make an “I know this wouldn’t last” kind of face… I need you to just listen and tell me I can do this! he laughed and said: “ok, sorry!” LOL! … I am stronger than this! I know and I’ll continue to move forward!

  2. I guess it’s like everything and there is an adjustment period to go through in order to find some kind of balance with your inner-self (says the girl who cannot stop weighing herself). If someone can do this it’s YOU! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Healthy Life! You are so awesome! I know I can do it! Right? (LOL!) I guess it all got together… no scale project started exactly the day when my period started and that’s also when I get the hungriest and the craziest! on top of that I got sick… LOL! So I just need to pass this few days and it will get easier! I am sure!

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