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No Scale Project – Day 1

As you know… I am NOT going to weigh myself for a month! Since I like seeing a “pattern”, or somehow get some “visual aid” that I am STILL doing something and that NOT weighing myself doesn’t mean not working hard or slacking… I will be using my blog to document how I do and to “give myself a stamp” for each day that I don’t weigh myself… I hope this will help me successfully complete the month as I know it’s something *I* need to do to get my mind off of temporary results and stay focused on the fact that exercise and healthy eating is a LIFESTYLE, that lifestyle WILL take me to weigh less but I will not “live for the scale”, whether I lose weight on one day or increase a little on another it doesn’t matter because I am doing this FOR GOOD.  This might not be for everybody and I don’t know when I will do this again, and if I do it I don’t know how long that will last but for now I feel it’s the right move. Thanks for being here and for walking with me through this new stage of my journey.

So… I made myself a stamp (using paint, so please forgive the crooked footprint! LOL!)

You should see a stamp like this every single day! If I miss a day… well… we know what that means (unless I announce that I won’t be able to blog for some reason) … I hope doing this helps me stay accountable and away from temptation! 😉

I am actually excited about this!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “No Scale Project – Day 1

  1. “oow!…measuring, measuring, measuring…all done!” You definitely won’t miss the board’s talking right? I agree with everyone the stamp is great. I am very proud of you for doing this challenge!

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