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Encouragement beyond the scale!

We all love it when the scale shows a lower number, I mean, who doesn’t but there are other motivators besides the scale that can help us in our weight-loss journey… In the end… we have to learn that making the right choices will take us where we want to go and many times the scale will not reflect immediate results! Do not get discouraged! Every change you are making in your diet and exercise is meaningful and serves a purpose in your walk towards getting healthier! So… when we don’t have the scale to encourage us (either because we had a bad day, or there are weird hormonal changes going on) I’ve found that there are wonderful people who actually CARE FOR YOU and are willing to give their time, words of advice and cheer you all the way until you get there!

I can’t even put in words how thankful I am to those people for being there, sharing their experiences and struggles too! or even for just reading my blog and “liking” whatever random thing I say!

Many people may laugh at a “blog award” like… “come on! who gave you that! You know it’s not a real award, right?” But for me… especially this time around it means a lot… And this is the award I received:

“The Sunshine Award”

And I was nominated by my friend: Towards Healthy Life , she’s been a great support in this journey and I appreciate the fact that she thought of me to “give me this award” … This award is meant to be given to people who are encouraging and somehow they are like “sunshine” for you 🙂 … so you can imagine how honored I feel… I am also supposed to answer some questions to “officially receive my award”

So … here we go:

  1. My favorite number: It depends, I have several, I guess my favorite number changes each day because it’s “the days I’ve spent with my hubby” “the days of life of my girls” etc… but if I could just say “a random number I like” I guess it’s 23 and I don’t even know why!
  2. My favorite animal: I love Koala Bears, so cute! (dangerous too! LOL!) but I think they look so beautiful.
  3. My favorite non-alcoholic drink: water, always water… and coffee. ( I don’t drink alcohol anyway)
  4. Facebook or twitter: Facebook, for sure.
  5. My passion: Food, photography and music.
  6. Prefer giving or getting present: who doesn’t like to receive a present? But I think giving is better because not only means you had “a thing to give” but it also means you have a special person to give it to.
  7. My favorite pattern: I don’t even think I have one.
  8. My favorite day of the week: I love it whenever hubby is off from work! but there is no day I dislike! even Monday is a good one for me!
  9. My favorite flower: Wild flowers, I like them all! I love dahlias too!
  10. My favorite color: I love aqua… and purple…

So now I have to nominate others to receive this same Award… I am afraid one of the people I would nominate has already received this same Award and that’s my friend Shadowrun can you imagine if she had to do this every time she receives it? LOL! I am sure many others who know her would think she is a perfect fit for this award.

So instead of nominating others to receive this Award I am just going to say the names of the people who HAVE BEEN like sunshine in my “blogging and weightloss journey” and who have encouraged me one way or another with their comments, etc.

And those people would be:

Of course the person who gave me the award… Towards Healthy Life

The one I already mentioned should get it too: Shadowrun

My friend Dave who is counting calories and fighting the extra-pounds too!

and Janet who is also battling against obesity (and winning!!!)

I haven’t been blogging about this all for a long time… and before I started doing so I was actually a little afraid of the comments I could receive from others, afraid of the thoughts and judgment over my fat body! But I’ve only found love, understanding and support and I am so happy to be here with others who know what is like to do this! (and to do it again! and again!)

Thank you all!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Encouragement beyond the scale!

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  2. “giving is better because not only means you had “a thing to give” but it also means you have a special person to give it to” This is such a nice line! I am glad that you found me or I found you(don’t remember) because I also need friends in the same boat as me and support plus you have a talent to pick the right words for motivation 🙂

  3. Wow! Two awards so close together! Thank you Thin Lady and HealthyLife! You two are my inspiration. It’s been years since I went through the same journey you’re going through now, but I remember how difficult it was. I didn’t have the support or the technology WAY back then, so I’m incredibly happy to encourage you all, and help you to stay motivated. To see you fighting through all your emotions and cravings is not only inspiring to me, but it’s helping quite a few people, I am sure! Plus, I feel like I’ve made a few good friends, and that’s a huge bonus! Keep up the great work! I’m behind you all the way!

  4. Hi Thin Lady Inside … congratulations on the Sunshine award! You deserve it. And, you are so sweet to include me in your list. I appreciate it. Following your blog and your journey has been a huge encouragement to my own effort. I don’t know if I can repay but please know that following your story has been nothing less than honestly inspiring and motivating to my own. Thank you and God bless you!

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