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Vacations and Weight Loss

Hello friends! I am sorry I was absent for a few days and didn’t even say anything! It turns out that we had “sudden vacations” (yoohoo!) this weekend… For a while I’ve known that two friends of mine would be coming (they are a couple) and their kids too… I’ve been friends with them for a long time now… I met her when I was 12 and him when I was 16 … They’ve been two of my best friends and we stay in touch on the phone but don’t get to see them often because we live very far from each other… So… I’ve been very excited to know they would be here! but I didn’t know we would really “go anywhere” because hubby had some issues in his job and he didn’t think he would be able to take any days off (including Saturday) … well… he ended up being able to rest Fri-Sat-Sun AND Monday!!! which gave us plenty of time to enjoy with my friends!!! When they arrived on Friday evening we just stayed home… BUT THE PREVIOUS DAY (Thursday)Ā  I had frozen custard (chocolate) french fries, etc… you must be thinking I am insane… but I realized that I HAD TO DO THAT in order to lose again… Remember I recently bragged about “indulging in control?
well… that DIDN’T WORK… Whenever I hit a plateau I just eat “anything and everything” I can… and this time my scale hadn’t moved for a while so I did my “eating thing” but I wanted to stay in control so I didn’t eat as much (or as bad) as I usually would… well… that ended up not working and I was still stuck not being able to lose… so this time there was no stopping me… I ate and ate (warning hubby that I would do so and fully aware of what I was doing) … Then when my friends came had dinner and dessert (molten cakes) that I made… I stayed away from the cakes and FROM THE RICE (OH! SO PAINFUL!!!) and ate plenty of chicken and salad! drank lots of water and that’s it… then the next day we went blueberry picking (lots of walking) and swam in the pool (I made sure I moved A LOT) we grilled (hamburgers and hot dogs) and I didn’t eat ANY bread (it was pretty late when we had dinner so ZERO carbs at that time) and I made blueberry muffins too (which I didn’t even taste) … then our friends asked us about going to San Antonio, Tx. with them (which we accepted) and I was fearful because I NEVER eat good on road trips and I knew it would be hard to eat properly on vacations) but I am amazed at how well I did!!! on the road I didn’t ask to go to any gas station to “load myself” with soda and chips… but by 4 in the afternoon (and since I had only had breakfast) I was starving! we stopped at a Whataburger (oh boy) and I had a grilled chicken sandwich… but I was so hungry I also ate french fries (no soda though) … then we had a very nice long walk at the Riverwalk and around downtown, later that night our friends invited us to Chili’s … and I ate NOTHING (JUST DRANK LOTS OF WATER) because for me the sandwich and fries were pretty late already so I KNEW I didn’t really need additional food for dinner (and I thought that would make up for the extra calories)… Then yesterday (our last day of vacations) we went to Denny’s for breakfast and I had their “FIT SLAM” – egg whites with spinach and tomatoes, English muffin, seasonal fruit and turkey bacon – it’s still a lot of calories (550) But I was actually happy about that because I knew I would burn it all… the day was all about walking!!! we went to The Alamo and then to Mission San Jose! … We had lunch until 3:30 in the afternoon and I had a salad and chicken with grilled bell peppers from an Italian restaurant at a Food Court…. then on our way home I just had some cheese sticks and that was my late dinner. Hubby was very proud because he saw what I did, the choices I made and the things I just decided to not have even when I would’ve loved to! well… as a result I lost a total of 3 pounds in those 4 days! and I am just thrilled about it! …. And I had to just share about it! … Also… after June 9th I will stop weighing myself for 1 month (let’s start with one month only) and see how I do… I’ll probably increase the “no scale” time after that…

And now a picture of us (with my friends and their kids) in San Antonio.

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Vacations and Weight Loss

  1. You got to go to San Antonio?? Lucky!! That was my first choice of vacation but the kids wanted to see the mountains in Colorado, so we’re headed there. Next time we’ll go to Texas. šŸ™‚
    It’s so hard to stick to a diet when you’re on vacation and out with friends, but you did an excellent job! Congrats! As well, I know the ‘no scale for a month’ will be hard on you, but I honestly think it’s the best thing for you right now. Seeing all the little setbacks can be discouraging, and you should only be hearing/seeing encouragement. If anything, it’ll show you that you don’t need a scale to make good food choices and to exercise. And at the end of the month, when it shows you your loss, you’ll end up loving your scale. šŸ™‚ I’m proud of you for giving it a try!
    Cute pic, by the way! Your kids look to be about the same age. How fun!

    • LOL! Hopefully when you go one day you let me know and we can arrange a meet up! wouldn’t that be fun? … My friends’ kids are a little older but they all still had a blast… My oldest girl is 3 and she became great friends with their almost 7 yr. old … my 17 mo had a blast with their 4 yr. old… and their 2 yr. old just played with everyone šŸ™‚ … such a nice time!

  2. What a beautiful photo! You always impress me with your amazing will power! Way to go and congrats on the loss, you really worked hard for it. loll I knew that Shadow would be jealous when I was reading your post;-) It must have been such a nice trip with your friends!
    A month without scale! I don’t think I could do that, I am not good on long term project so I need that little short term hint of everyday weigh in but I hope it works for you! I have my eye on the fitbit scale that measure bodyfat because with exercise sometimes we don’t lose weight because of muscles gain but I still need to know that something is changing in order to keep motivated(maybe for my birthday who knows)

    • Thanks! You are just as strong! šŸ™‚ I understand how you feel! I do need some kind of re-assurance that I am on the right track too!… I am glad I have you and Shadow for support and encouragement!

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