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Up and up but finally down!

Hello world! Hello friends! Hello fellow-fighters! 🙂 If you are in this fight… if you already gave the first step towards being a healthy person… you are already a fighter and a brave person! The first steps are the hardest ones… do not get discouraged… you can do this! There are many of us! You are not alone… We all feel like we can’t do this at times but step by step we’ll get there!

So… My scale, right? The day before yesterday +.4 … what in the world? I didn’t even eat dessert at Memorial Day! it wasn’t easy! We went to hang out with people from hubby’s work and dinner and desserts were just amazing! I did eat plenty of protein but stayed away from carbs… then when desserts came I just passed, there were chocolate cupcakes, a cheesecake sampler (that looked soooo incredibly good! I die for cheesecake LOL! until   realized you LITERALLY DIE FROM IT! LOL!) There was also a red velvet cake and tons of chocolate and stuff to eat THE WHOLE TIME! I was very proud of myself and then the +.4 came… -big sigh- ok… that’s fine… don’t panic… you haven’t seen the scale go down for three weeks, you ran like a mad person yesterday, you’ve stayed active and now it went up … it wasn’t much… just a little so … move on! Then yesterday… scale… +.7 … GULP! No biggie, right? All of a sudden I felt like I used to… I actually started feeling like I haven’t lost anything at all! Have I? yes I have! Of course I have… don’t dwell on that number! We already talked about this! … moving on… moving on…

Then today… -1.1 ok… much better… you are back to where you were … keep fighting… don’t get discouraged… it is taking time and that’s ok… don’t go back to your old habits and don’t go back to being afraid of food either… my first reaction is to stop eating! LOL! But I won’t do that… this is a journey to find health! My thin body! But I won’t take shortcuts… I’ll keep doing what I am doing… I won’t panic… I’ll continue to eat healthy and exercise… 🙂 …

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “Up and up but finally down!

  1. You didn’t touch those good looking dessert and that only prove how strong you are! You are doing great and I am happy that it finally shows good numbers for you! Numbers on scale are not everything but it’s kind of nice to see it going down anyway right? 🙂

  2. What if…. you didn’t get on the scale for 2 weeks, or even better – 4 weeks. Wait. Hear me out. 🙂 If you didn’t weigh yourself daily, you wouldn’t see all the little ups and downs. You wouldn’t question whether or not what you are doing is right. You wouldn’t have all the thoughts about whether or not all your hard work is worth it. You wouldn’t feel prisoner to the scale.
    As well, and this is coming from my own experience, you’ll focus more on just eating healthy and exercising. You should still track your food intake, and your exercise time, and then when the time comes to weigh yourself, you will only see the loss. Not everything in between!
    Believe me…. I fought this idea myself while I was dieting, but after going through the stress of the daily scale readings, I finally quit weighing everyday, and I felt so much better! AND it didn’t cause me to overeat or get off track. In fact, I think I was stricter on myself.
    Anyway…. something to consider. I just don’t like to see you so upset about the numbers when you are doing a TERRIFIC job of gettin’ yourself healthier! 🙂

    • You are absolutely right Shadow… but since I use the WII to exercise and it gives you a stamp each day for your body test (that is supposed to be daily) I feel like “I HAVE TO DO IT” I like seeing my calendar “all stamped” I haven’t missed a day since I started! I am weird that way… like to see something completed! My target is to lose 6 more pounds to reach my goal by June 9th I think … after that (whether I reach it or not) I might do the “skip body test” option for a while on the Wii to not see how much I weigh! -sigh- it’s going to be hard (LOL) but I can do it… 🙂 Thank you for always checking on me and for caring! 🙂

      • Having been through it before, I know what it’s like and how hard it is. I can understand wanting to be “all stamped”, and I like your idea of waiting til you reach your goal and then trying something new, like not weighing yourself daily. Getting rid of the scale will cause you to have to trust YOURSELF that you are eating right and exercising, and the once a month weigh-in will just confirm that what you’re doing is beneficial. Think you can try it for a month?? 🙂 If you don’t see a drop in one month, then you have reason to look more closely at your calorie intake, nutrition, exercise, etc.
        Just one month. You can do it! 🙂

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