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Don’t lie to yourself!

Good day everyone! I told you I had eaten to get “unstuck” from this plateau and re-start losing weight! Well.. after my “day of overeating” I went back to my healthy routine and today I started seeing the results… I lost 1.3 pounds and I am going for more! It always scares me when I do my “overeating” thing to get out of plateaus wondering if it will really work again but it has never failed… and I always lose about 10 pounds pretty steadily after I do that… then have to do it again… I guess it’s about “switching things up a little bit” and “re-assuring” my body that there is “GREASY FOOD OUT THERE TO EAT” I am just choosing NOT to eat it… LOL! I don’t know…

So… I wanted to let you know that it worked and that I am definitely back on track! I don’t use my “overeating days” as an excuse to go back to my old days! I really do it wish such fear and almost “not wanting to do it” … honestly!

And speaking about honesty.. I must say that’s something that has been a key element in my weight loss journey this time… HONESTY … not telling myself lies like: “I just can’t exercise today” “It’s impossible to eat right being so busy” “I’ll just start on Monday” “I would lose weight but I can’t cook separate meals for myself” “I might get hurt if I work out” and… you tell me the lies that you’ve told yourself in the past… I have many… I’ve believed those lies myself and deep down I’ve KNOWN it’s nothing but excuses because I’m too lazy and because I feel “I deserve to eat all that junk” when honestly… I should’ve known that I was hurting myself… that there is always time to work out (I could choose that over computer or TV), I can always make better choices, I don’t HAVE TO EAT that piece of cake! and Starting today is just as good as starting on Monday! This time… I am not lying to myself… sometimes excuses (and very good ones) pop into my head (right before I work out) but I just get rid of them! I face the truth and tell myself (huh! that was a good one! I almost believed you!)


4 thoughts on “Don’t lie to yourself!

  1. You hit it right on the nose…. gotta keep your body guessing. It most likely jump started your metabolism again. That can slow when your body gets used to eating the same foods and exercising the same way. It seemed funny to me that when I cut my running back to 3-4 days a week instead of 5-6 days, I actually lost weight! I didn’t WANT to lose weight, but I did… so it was fun gaining it back ;), but it just goes to show how changing things up can help you lose weight.
    And YES! No excuses and no lies… be accountable for everything you do…. you are worth it! Great post! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I am just learning that it was my many lies that made me fat… LOL! You know? even in the middle of “trying to lose weight” I would eat something I shouldn’t and then say: “I’ll just burn it later or … I just won’t have dinner” that’s what I probably hoped for but deep inside I KNEW it wasn’t going to happen… πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment!

  2. You are so right! Shadow just sent me here;-) I might need a good kick in the bum because it,s exactly what I have been doing about exercise, finding nice little excuses and focusing on other stuff that happens in my life. πŸ™‚

    • Oh! I just read your post (wondering why shadow sent you here) LOL! … I see now! … well… what matters is that we realize it when we are making excuses and just move on! πŸ˜‰ it is great to have friends that are going through the same (or already went through it) because it helps us stay accountable and motivated!

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