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Plateaus and eating to keep losing!

Ok… so… I hit a major plateau! Once I hit the “I lost 40 pounds” wonderful moment I got “stuck” I would gain a little, lose a little, gain it back, lose it back and pretty much stay in the same place! Yesterday I decided to indulge (like I always do) to “get unstuck” ! This method has never failed for me… and right after binging (purposefully and not out of control) I gain a little but only to start losing again at a good pace! I hope this time is no exception!

So yesterday I indulged with a big slice of apple pie (YUM!!!) and buttered noodles! I am not saying “my method” works for everybody! And  I think “this method” should be used CAREFULLY to not lose control again! So… what I did to make sure I wouldn’t just use it as an excuse to go back to the overeating monster I  exercised even more so it wouldn’t be a complete “out of my healthy journey” day! and even when I had planned for it to be a day of “eating anything I wanted” I still decided to test and exercise my self control by saying no to Oreo Cookies at night! So… it felt good!

Today I saw an increase in my weight which I was expecting… I gained .6 pounds and that’s ok… I am even more strict now than I was “pre-plateau” hoping I’ll see the numbers go down again after this!

Ok… had to share what’s been going on and just pretty much give a quick update on how I am doing! I know I DO get worried when I see a fellow “weight loser” disappear for a while and I can’t help but wonder if they are doing ok or if they just backslid and are struggling to find their way back to a healthy lifestyle… so I want to make sure I let everyone know that the I am still here, fighting against the extra pounds and keeping my body guessing, sometimes when the routine is to strict (and pretty much the same everyday) the body gets just used to it and it’s important (I think) to “surprise it” a little bit to get it to keep losing!

Thanks for reading!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Plateaus and eating to keep losing!

  1. Controlled overeating…. I like it! 🙂 I think you’re right to eat a little more to jumpstart the weight loss again. And I have faith in you not to use it as an excuse to keep eating. You’ve got a great grip on this weight loss journey. I’m rootin’ for you!

  2. It’s nice to hear that having a treat helps to get back on track loll I saw in your newer post that it worked perfectly weel too! You are doing such a good job, it’s so easy to have a treat and fall into un controlled over-eating, but you are stonger than cookies 🙂

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