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I wasn’t dead … I was just partying

Weird title huh? That is the translation of a Mexican saying “No estaba muerto, andaba de parranda” …. and we usually say it when … we haven’t been around for a while somewhere and just want to say that “nothing was wrong… I was just busy” or something like that… So… here I am… I have had some pretty slow days to be honest… My whole routine got a little messed up because I had to cook for a group of ladies and it took the whole day, I ended so tired that I didn’t exercise (plus the cooking/baking) absorbed all of my day… then I had dinner with that group of ladies and I ate the same thing I cooked for them… including a slice of a Mexican dessert that is just MARVELOUS! (I had a very very thin slice) but I was actually worried when I got on the Wii balance board … Thank God my weight didn’t change! then after that I got my period (yesterday) and … well… I get hungrier… so I’ve been “snacking” a little more and lazier than usual so I haven’t had my exercise as tough as I usually do! -sigh- but today… I did better and when hubby came home from work I exercised for 45 mins. (at least!) 15 mins. on the elliptical (60 calories onlyCOME ON!!!) and then when a treadmill was available I ran for 30 mins. at 4.5 mph so that was good! It felt great (burnt 362 calories) … It’s amazing to see the big difference in burnt calories when you are thinner! I remember I would’ve probably burnt 450 – 500 calories for the same run when I started at 223 pounds and now… I only burnt 362 but that’s ok! It’s for a good reason! I am lighter and that’s great! I can actually MOVE MY ARMS as I run now unlike in the beginning I had to hold on to the railing of the treadmill while walking!!!

So…. my weight is the same 182.8 pounds! I will go back hard at it to leave the 180’s behind me soon!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “I wasn’t dead … I was just partying

  1. You probably burned some calories woring in your kithen all day if you were so tired. You only had a thin slice od that mysterious dessert so you did good I think. See that as a day off diet and then move on 🙂 You can run 30 minutes! It’s great. I don’t know why running scares me. I see that as something impossible for me…I don’t know why… 🙂

    • I then attributed the “being so tired” to my period coming… but you are right! I don’t think I sat all day long that day! So I probably did burn many more calories than I thought! … Running has scared me my whole life… I will probably post about it in my next post… you’ll see 😉

  2. I never thought I could run either…. now look at me. 🙂
    I have an elliptical at home, and it kicks my butt EVERYTIME! I always think I’ve burned way more calories than it shows. I think my heart races more and I sweat more when I work out on that, than when I run. The switch up with cardio is a good thing. Your body burns more calories when you keep it guessing. Even with your little sliver of dessert, I don’t think you have to worry much about the scale. Try to think of exercising and calorie intake as a weekly average. Somedays a little more, somedays a little less….
    Good to hear from you again. 🙂

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