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Half a Cake and Mother’s Day!

Hello! Happy Monday! Ready to start a victorious week? I hope so! Whatever you did during the weekend is in the past! if it was bad… move on and change TODAY... if it was good don’t “stay there” we need to fight the fight each and every day and the victories from yesterday are great motivation to let us know “we can do it” but we can’t “live on past victories either” we must continue to make each and every day count!

Half a Cake! What’s that all about? Well… if you remember… Hubby’s birthday was on Wednesday but I didn’t make him a birthday cake… I just made him “individual molten cakes” that way I wouldn’t be tempted to eat any! I made just the exact amount for him and my 3 yr. old to eat. But I knew I still needed to make him a “birthday cake” so… I waited for the weekend to do it… this time I pretty much “halved the recipe” (hence the “half a cake” title), that way, since I am not eating cake it wouldn’t go to waste.

Here is the cake:


Let me just say that this cake survived an attack from my 1 yr. old … So… I was disappointed and I know it wasn’t perfect but at least hubby enjoyed it! 😉

Then … for Mother’s Day I finally wore nice clothes I was able to find on Saturday! It was great to shop and find nice clothes in my size! I even bought a skirt size medium (as you know I have narrow hips… my issue is a big tire around what should be a waist!  LOL!)And as an additional gift hubby kept house/dishes clean and entertained the girls while I exercised… I burned 658 calories exercising and felt pretty good! I am happy to say I burned those instead of “eating them” to “celebrate” LOL! 😉

So I decided I would actually share a picture of me with my two girls… so you finally get to know me… My name will remain as “The Thin Lady Inside” but you can put a face to the posts you read…. And… here we are … [[[Drumroll]]]

There you go… that’s us… thanks again for reading!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Half a Cake and Mother’s Day!

    • LOL! Right? She was very quick and climbed on a chair, grabbed it (before it was frosted) from the table like if it was a big sandwich and bit it! LOL! It was actually a little funny (although I wanted to cry at the same time! LOL!) I had to make a fluffier frosting (not as thick) to be able to keep the “walls of the cake” as intact as possible because it got a little crumbly and it was hard to spread the WHITE frosting without getting clumps of crumbs and pieces of cake spread with it! but we made it! 😉

  1. What a beautiful picture of you and your girls! You deserve the reward of a new, well-fitting dress, after all the work you’ve done to lose weight! Keep up the great work! It’s very inspiring! 🙂

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