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Bitter and sweet days!

Not exactly bittersweet because bittersweet means that the same thing is bitter and sweet at the same time… And that’s not my case… It’s just that yesterday I had some bitter moments when cloth shopping… it turns out that I am officially size 12 for pants and I thought I would be size 12 for dresses but that’s not the case… my prominent stomach kept the dresses from fitting! and I felt very discouraged! Trying to hide from the mirror all over again… My littlest one was crying so I decided we should stop the shopping and ended up only getting a pair of shorts… yes… size 12… which is great… but still have no clothes to wear and it felt horrible to see that if I want to wear a dress it would have to still be a size 14/16 if I want to get in it only to have it not fit right because the area for the armpits and around the legs is too big! I am not that big anymore… but my stomach still is… so everything looks just WEIRD -sigh- hubby asked me where I wanted to go after that store and I just said “Cold Stone Creamery” I was half joking/half serious… the truth is that I did want to go running for ice cream… but of course I wouldn’t do it! I’ve come too far to ruin it all because a dress won’t fit! Especially realizing that those dresses won’t fit after I’ve lost… and here comes the sweet part of it all… I’ve lost…


Yes… today I am exactly 40 pounds lighter than when I started on Jan 9th this year! It’s been exactly 10 pounds each month! And it feels awesome… the goal still seems very very far away but I know I’ll reach it! I am almost halfway there and I am just super excited!!!

So… I don’t care if those dresses don’t fit just yet… I feel great and I am still a “work in process”

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Bitter and sweet days!

  1. You should be incredibly proud of yourself! 40 pounds lost! Avoiding Cold Stone! At this rate you will most definitely reach your goal, and then dress shopping will be FUN again! 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. 40 pounds! WooHoo!
    I know how you feel about those dresses because when I went to Oz I thought that I would finally be able to enter one of those shop to get a sun dress but no! I tried everything and nothing fitted good enough. The whole experience made me feel so bad about myself. On another day I found another shop with the cheapest dress ever that suited me perfect. You will find one too! One day we won’t have to worry about that kind of stuff anymore right?

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