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Moved to move!!!

I was amazed when I watched this video! It actually made me shed some tears… Please watch and … even when I am not pro-yoga (particularly the whole “mantra/spiritual” whatever that is behind it) I do believe that EXERCISE, PERSEVERANCE, REAL EFFORT and SUPPORT from someone CAN TRANSFORM SOMEBODY’S LIFE physically too!

Watch this video! I was sooo moved!!! moved to “move” and never stay still! we might not be injured from fighting a war… but if you are obese/overweight like me… you know we’ve hurt our bodies horribly!!! But … it can all get better! just look at this:

Hopefully it inspires you too!

The Thin Lady Inside




3 thoughts on “Moved to move!!!

  1. This is amazing! What is even more amazing is that the guy took photos and videos along the way so he must have really beleived he could do it and that’s the most important!Great find thinlady 🙂

    • That was exactly my very thought when I watched it! He wouldn’t have been taking videos if he didn’t KNOW he would do it! Most of us get embarrassed about our failures and sometimes let them stop us for good… I loved when he said: Not because I can’t do it now means that I will never do it… Awesome attitude!

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