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Eat up!

Good day fellow bloggers and fellow fighters! Here we are! Another day! Another opportunity to do things right! If you didn’t do good yesterday with your eating/exercising… that’s all past! It doesn’t matter anymore! Today… we have a new page to write! A new opportunity to do things better! to burn those extra calories we maybe ate … to heal our bodies from the horrible disease of obesity!

Today... I want to encourage myself and whoever is reading to… EAT! I know… I’ve talked about this before… and how “food has scared me” before… such fears led me to eat too little… eating too little has made me feel like “being thin is not for me” and made me look at the thin people like they were enemies! (LOL!) I am probably exaggerating… I didn’t “hate them” or “see them like enemies” but I must admit I felt jealous because they were thin and I always saw them eating so happily without much care in the world while my big stomach growled hungrily! and then… it happened… I went back to my old “over-eating life” because I just accepted I was too hungry to “live like this”

Now… that I am not taking “short-cuts” to lose weight… and I am doing it all by eating healthy and exercise I’ve been learning that I don’t have to say “NO” to food but I actually have to say YES! Yes to eating enough and good, yes to eating things that nourish me and I still enjoy! Yes to calming down my growling stomach with delicious food that my body needs!!! YES…. Yes because now I feel that I can eat my way to a lean body! It just requires changing habits and MOVING more than I used to! It might not be a change that will happen “overnight” but in time… I will get there! I can do this! It is sustainable this way! The other way was “quick” but not something I could do for life! And I felt so deprived that when I reached my goal and felt I could finally eat then I went back to eating all the foods I had missed for so long! resulting in being obese all over again!

Today… I am learning to eat! And eat good! this morning I had 1/2 breakfast muffin and veggies with an egg + 1/2 banana… I had zucchini, tomatoes, green bell peppers, onions and mushrooms! (plus the egg), the muffin was homemade delicious and had carrots, coconut flakes, craisins, flax seed, oatmeal, pineapple, apples and whole wheat flour!… and I feel good! Last night I celebrated hubby’s birthday and we went out for dinner… we just went to Chick-Fil-A and I had a grilled chicken sandwich with a side salad and even a few fries… As soon as I got home I exercised again so it wouldn’t just “accumulate” … I am telling you! it’s not that hard when you feed yourself! you just have to make the right choices… one meal at a time!

For breakfast! Sauteed vegetables (just add an egg!)

If you think that’s too much, let me tell you… you also need to know “when to eat what” … The morning is the perfect time to “eat more!” and add the carbs! (like that muffin!) it will give you energy, help you stay active during the day, burn more calories and feel more satisfied which will help you keep your “temptations of junk food” down!

I am not “losing weight fast” but it’s a firm/stable pace… I started at 222.8 lbs on Jan. 9th this year… and today I am 183.2 lbs. …. My goal (as you can see in my ticker at the bottom of the page) is to reach 135 and now… with the help of FOOD (who would’ve thought!?) it doesn’t seem impossible!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Eat up!

  1. I like your weight-stat counter, thats a nice way of putting it out there. I think it’s good to keep track and show your results, keeps you motivated to continue. Keep up the good effort!

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