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Any excess is bad!

Hello… just posting the sad news that I just read about a woman who starved to death on a “light diet” … I just want to say that … whatever you are doing… and whatever your reasons… please… take care of yourself! Don’t get obsessed with anything… avoid excessive eating or fasting… all extremes can be dangerous. You are beautiful and you were wonderfully made! If you want to lose weight or just be healthy just focus on eating healthy and exercising, don’t obsess with skinny models and stars… Don’t believe “everything you hear” either… If someone is telling you to not eat and/or drink water KNOW that is wrong! even if they say is the “best way” …  And please, love yourself!

Here is the sad news: Woman starved to death


8 thoughts on “Any excess is bad!

  1. It is so sad that people are caught in this trap and that it is so difficult to get out…. maybe you will find my blog interesting as well… I would appreciate if you have any comments.

  2. So true! Any extreme, either way, can be unhealthy. So those of you who are a little impatient with losing slowly, just know that you’re losing healthily. Good for you for bringing it to attention!

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