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It’s not cake but…. rice!

So… interestingly… an “ally” in my weight loss now is “BAKING!” who would’ve thought? It seems I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t enjoy cake/pastry and stuff like that for now… at least not without it reflecting on the scale! But that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy MAKING IT! I am a crazy baker! I just LOVE IT! And I’ve been finding it to be a great therapy when I am feeling anxious/out of control! I bake and give it away… or have hubby eat it all (after all he is trying to put on some pounds anyway!) so… just to give you an idea of the things I’ve been making in a “1 week period”

M&M Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes with Oreo Buttercream, Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate/Butterscotch Cookiesย 

And guess what? I haven’t even had a bite of any of it! how about that? I am enjoying doing this so much! I can’t wait to bake something else!! I don’t want my girls to “see all this stuff” Because I don’t want them “to get in trouble” with their weight ever… I am thankful they love their vegetables soooo much (raw and cooked) that they don’t even care much for sweet stuff! so I’ve had the opportunity to share all these goodies with people from hubby’s work (They are all excited now about it! LOL!)

So… I’ve been dealing great with “cake and cookies” but interestingly my biggest temptation when cooking is “RICE” … who would’ve thought! right? I am a rice eater! (compulsive rice eater!) and I make the best rice you’ve had in your life! (I know it’s not a humble comment but it’s true!) … Hubby calls me “the rice whisperer” LOL! and when I make it I could eat the whole pot myself! Rice has way too many calories for me to eat it in the amounts I’d like … but yes… I am actually weaker when I make rice than when I make all those other treats!

I am happy to say that the “bump on my road” is now behind me… if you read my previous post you realized I ate too much Chinese food! (yes… too much rice!) and the scale showed a 2 pound increase afterward… Now I am back in the fight and I’ve lost 3.6 pounds so… I am actually -1.6 pounds from where I was before my “overeating” … I am feeling strong and I am working hard at this! I know I’ll continue to get my rewards! If you are still going through a rough patch and feel like you’ve lost control of your eating/exercising… don’t stay in the “guilt/shame” pit! trust me… feeling bad about it doesn’t help you… actually can make things worse (at least for me!) so… just get up and keep going… every day is a new day and the past is past… there’s nothing you can do to change it… but you can change your future if you deal with your present differently! one step at a time my friends! One step at a time!!!

The Thin Lady Inside


7 thoughts on “It’s not cake but…. rice!

  1. Well, you know I love to bake as well! And I do the same as you. I have one taste to make sure it’s edible, then I pick a few out for the family and the rest goes to work. ๐Ÿ™‚ They love it too, and some have even put in an order for family events. I have yet to bake the same cupcake recipe twice, because most of the fun for me is trying new things. Great therapy!
    You’ll have to share your rice secrets. Too bad it’s high calorie. I tend to stay away from pasta and grains but my hubby and a few of the kids like it!
    Congrats on doing so well! Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. With all the baking you must be immune to the smell by now! We all have weaknesses but we WILL get through this together! You are so positive and it makes me feel better! Thanks:-)

  3. OMG, that sounds develishly delicious. I have also discovered that smelling satisfies me a great deal and I don’t have to actually eat anything. Keep it up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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