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No chimichanga but Chinese to go!

I just ate like there’s no tomorrow… ugh! Chinese food! we had no food in the fridge so went grocery shopping, skipped meals and ended up eating what hubby bought at the Chinese restaurant… lots of fried rice and sesame chicken (batter chicken in a sweet/sour sauce) … oh! and a spring roll… how about that? ugh! well… I guess we all have bumps on the road… but… I’ll get up, shake the dust and keep going… I feel shame…


6 thoughts on “No chimichanga but Chinese to go!

    • -sigh- it’s hard but we have to keep moving, right? We’ve come very far to stop now… plust this is what we’ll be doing the rest of our lives… I weighed myself just now… and I gained 2.0 pounds… it’s amazing to see how quickly that happens! But that’s ok… I’ll just lose it again and some more… I’ll be even more strict with it all this week… I’m also burning less calories with the same amount of exercise because I weigh less… so I need to find a way to go running again to increase the “METS” right? so… there you go… there are always consequences … but we’ll just deal with it and keep losing 🙂

    • Birthday cake? It was your birthday! I’ve been so crazy busy lately and not doing too much blogging here that I didn’t even realize it! Well… it was your birthday! I had dessert on my birthday too! I planned on it… and then I got back to my healthy life right away! I am sure you are back already! You are so strong! we all have our moments of struggle but the key is to not stay there! Happy b-lated birthday! Sorry about that! I’ll be checking your blog in a second!

  1. I feel so sad for you (and HealthyLife) because I remember clearly all the things you are going through. The good news is, I had the same setbacks, and still was able to succeed. You guys can do this! Don’t beat yourself up!
    You know what eventually happened with me? I began to hate the guilt so much, and I began to hate the “day after” when I felt like I needed to be really strict, that those feelings were enough to make me NOT want to splurge on Chinese buffets or birthday cake. It was almost like all the setbacks I was having were making me stronger and stronger each day, til I got to the point where I realized it wasn’t worth it to eat all the junk.
    Don’t give in! And don’t restrict yourself TOO much. Find foods that you enjoy that you can eat a lot of, and try to eat 4-5 times a day. Then you won’t find yourself starving and craving foods you know you shouldn’t eat. You don’t have to feel hungry to lose weight. It’s okay to feel full, you just need to fill yourself with “freebies” like fruits and veggies, or low calorie snacks like Light Popcorn.
    You’ve come a long way so far, and this is just a little bump in the road, not a huge hurdle that you can’t cross.
    Tomorrow is another day!

    • Thanks shadow! I can imagine how you feel when you “read us” LOL!… Like wishing you could avoid us these pains! You already passed through it and overcame and realized it was never worth it! But I guess like with everything else… this is the way we learn… trying and sometimes failing… but what matters is to “learn something” from those moments of failure… I’m totally back on track… and losing! 😉 Today is a good day!

      • Yay! I’m glad it’s a good day! It’s true. You have to make your own mistakes and come to your own realizations. I probably would have taken the same route I did, even if someone else had been telling me all along not to do that. Sometimes you just gotta learn on your own. Glad you’re not giving up!!!

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