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Anything but a chimichanga!

So… today… I was hungrier than usual, especially tonight… oh my! I wanted to eat… eat… and eat some more! So I made myself a roasted portobello mushroom and then added some “queso panela” (a fresh kind of Mexican cheese) and ate it… but it wasn’t enough… not for the hunger I was feeling! I went to the refrigerator and NOTHING! It’s pretty much empty! We need to go grocery shopping! and then I found it… I had a frozen chimichanga that my dad bought when he came to visit last weekend… I didn’t even think about it and got it in the microwave… I was hungry! And nothing would stop me! “It’s just today! right? tomorrow when we go grocery shopping I’ll eat right again… Plus… it’s weekend…” so.. you can see how I was thinking! My chimichanga was ready… I could smell it… it wasn’t homemade… it was nothing fancy or special but it was saying MY NAME! oooh! I couldn’t wait to eat it! … hubby even said: “are you supposed to eat that?” and I said “no but I will! I am hungry!” and he said no more… something inside of me… I guess it was my conscious still made me look at the amount of calories… and guess what I read: 790 calories per serving! My legs weakened and I just threw it in the garbage! 😦 … Good bye chimichanga! You were tempting but I am strong! Plus I know I am not really HUNGRY… right? I have to control myself! I ate what a normal thin/healthy person would eat! I got you pegged you fat mind!!! it is you all along telling me those lies of me “deserving to eat a chimichanga” like if it was some kind of reward! But you know what? I deserve NOT TO EAT IT! I deserve better than 790 calories! I deserve a healthy me! I am not that easy!!! so there you go bad thoughts… to the garbage along with that big fatty taco! -sigh- seeing that 790 in the wrapper was the “mental slap” I was needing to “come back to my senses” … I am glad something in me made me check before eating! I know I would’ve felt horrible had I eaten that thing!

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Anything but a chimichanga!

  1. I had that same mental slap many years ago! For me it was a huge blueberry muffin from a convenience store. I was hungry and they looked awesome! I bought it, opened it up in my car, took a bite, then looked at the calories. When I saw how much, I wanted to spit out what I had eaten! I threw the rest away and have never been tempted again. I could eat SOOO much food for the amount of calories that was listed in that. And for me, quantity is important. I like a lot of food, so I choose foods low in calories and eat a whole bunch.
    Have you ever tried to chew some gum, or drink a glass of water (or diet coke for me) when you know you’ve had enough to eat, but you still feel hungry? I usually pop a piece of gum in my mouth when I’m done eating. It works for me! (Or you can try brushing your teeth as well.)
    Congratulations are definitely in order, though! Awesome willpower! And you will feel so good tomorrow when you realize you don’t have to “make up” for the extra calories. 🙂

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