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An honest (faceless) picture

Well… I never posted a picture of me when I began this journey… And I didn’t because… well… I guess I had several reasons… for example:

  1. I hate the way I look, why would I want to share that?
  2. What If I fail anyway? (even when I said I was serious about this, I guess the fear of failure is always in the back of my mind)

So… now I’ve lost almost 36 pounds… and I am still obese (on the very low side of obesity but still there) and… I thought it would be good to start sharing pictures… for me to see… to motivate myself, to keep this as a reminder to not be like this again! and also to encourage others as progress shows… so … here is the picture I can share for now:

I think my “problem areas” (or the worst areas) are pretty evident …. But I’m working hard at this… 🙂 … so now you know a little (or a lot) more of me…

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “An honest (faceless) picture

  1. It’s definitely hard to look at pictures of yourself when you’re not happy with your weight. I look back at pictures of when my kids were young, and when I see a picture of the “before” me, I just cringe. But it certainly makes me appreciate the effort it took to get in shape and lose the weight, and it’s what has motivated me to keep the weight off for so long.
    Along with that, it’s sometimes hard to see your progress when you look at yourself day to day, so taking pictures along the way will help you to see how your efforts are paying off!

    • You bet is hard! Although it is getting easier with each pound I lose! I do see change! My face especially (although you don’t see it here) … well… and my arms… everywhere actually! Yes… I think I’ll take a picture every “10 pounds” 😀

  2. I know! I wasn’t sure I wanted to show my body either but I did it the same as you, with no head.loll I have one of those spair tire too and cannot wait to get rid of it. It’s like Shadow said ,it doesn’t feel good to look at now but soon we will be looking at it in a different way and feel proud that we did something about it. 🙂

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