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3 yr. old off of me…

So… the other night my 3 yr. old came to our bed because she was afraid, as soon as she fell asleep I tried carrying her back to her bed… It was hard to move her, she is so big and heavy now… I mean… she has a healthy weight for her age, but… when did she grow up so much!? It seems it was just yesterday when she was my little baby… so as I carried her to her bed I thought “I won’t be able to carry you like this for much longer” and then… it hit me… I was carrying her 24/7 ! She weighs exactly the amount of pounds I’ve lost (a little more than 35 pounds!) it’s amazing! It is “shocking” when you “see it –or feel it– like that” No wonder I was always tired! And the amazing thing is that I still have about 1 and a 1/2 3 yr. old to lose in weight! LOL! I was even thinking that maybe I won’t even know how to “move anymore” LOL! The difference in weight will be so different that maybe I’ll just be flapping my arms around uncontrollably! The idea (at 2 in the morning) made me laugh… as I thought of myself jumping around with big jumps and weird movements instead of walking normally because of my “light limbs” LOL!

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2 thoughts on “3 yr. old off of me…

  1. Awesome revelation! I love the Biggest Loser episodes that make the contestants carry the amount of weight they lost up hills and on long hikes. It must be a big motivator to them not to put the weight back on. It’s definitely tiring! Just think how light you will feel and how much energy you will have when you do reach your goal! 🙂

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