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Whose hands are these?

Well… I made a big discovery… just last night! As I sat next to hubby drinking my cup of coffee all of a sudden I saw my hands and thought: “Whose hands are these?!” I looked at them like if looking at a stranger… observed and inspected them as I flip them to look at them on both sides! They didn’t look like “my hands!” yes… they are thinner… and I’ve seen my hands “thin” before … a long time ago… but these didn’t look like “MY thin hands” but someone else’s (someone older) hands! … I looked at hubby and … well… this is how the dialogue went:

  • Me: My hands are older!
  • Hubby: I know!
  • Me: What? what do you mean “I know”?
  • Hubby: Oh yes, I noticed in church!
  • Me: -gasp- oh my… in church? This Sunday?
  • Hubby: Yes, but it’s better to have “older thin hands than younger and fat” (LOL)
  • Me: I guess (still staring at my hands)
  • Hubby: Oh! And your feet too!
  • Me: (terrified) My feet? they are older?
  • Hubby: oh no… I mean thinner…
  • Me: oh ok!


I’ve always thought that when I lose weight my husband is finally going to see me for the first time! He met me fat and fat I’ve been, he’s seen me a little thinner and bigger than this but he’s never really seen me thin… and I’ve always looked forward to the day when he can actually SEE ME instead of all this extra stuff that is COVERING ME… but now… I realize that I don’t know how I’ll look either… I am actually nervous and excited at the same time about seeing myself too… almost like “meeting someone new”  because I’ve changed… It’s been years since I last saw me thin and I don’t know how *I* really look anymore… I’ve never met the 33 year old thin version (REAL VERSION) of me… and I can’t wait… that’s ok if my hands are older… they already were… I just hadn’t noticed because they were sooo stretched with all the fat that there was no way a wrinkle would show… they are not really THAT wrinkly… just different, just older… they are MOM hands… I guess I should start buying some lotion though… LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside


8 thoughts on “Whose hands are these?

  1. I’m about 10 years older than you so imagine what my hands look like. 🙂 It’s funny that you say that though, because I remember when it hit me that my hands look old. My eyes are starting to also, but I kinda like the look of laugh lines. I use lotions and creams but don’t fuss about it too much. I can control my weight, but not my aging, so I try not to worry about it too much. 🙂

  2. It must be all the washing in between diaper change and blowing little noses 😉 I notice my hands got old a while ago before I started to lose weight so for me it’s an after 30 thing I guess.

  3. Oh, I know the feeling. We hassle along, do our workouts, eat well and are kept so busy with losing weight or getting fitter…that we actually don’t realize that the change is already happening. 😉

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