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My biggest fears

So… let’s see… what my biggest fears are:

  1. Death of … ok… I can’t write it…
  2. mmm I am realizing I am terrified of even writing my biggest fears so… I guess that’s one of my biggest fears.
  3. (as you have noticed I can’t and won’t write the things I fear most so just pretend I did )
  4. Food

Yes… Food is a “big fear” (maybe not one of those nightmarish, biggest but pretty big) … I am afraid of what it can do to me! You know? I am afraid of gaining all the pounds back! (It’s happened before) I don’t know if I can really deal with it! I am always uncertain of how to “approach it” I am a BIG EATER (BIG in every sense of the word!) and sometimes I’ve eaten too little and exercised too much EVEN KNOWING that’s not the right way to lose weight (I actually hit plateaus pretty quickly when I do that, plus it’s not sustainable and then I go back to FOOD worse than before) anyway… I guess in the past times I’ve lost weight I didn’t really “deal with the main issue” because I took pills, got shots in my problem areas, etc… but never “dealt with food in a healthy way and on my own” This time around… I am FACING IT! and dealing with it day by day… discovering how my body reacts to the amounts of food, kinds of food and times I eat those foods… I just want to share something that I’ve noticed lately (and have to get ingrained in my brain):


I need to let go of my fears and EAT… Because that gets my metabolism going and my body “feels free” to burn calories because there is no “need to accumulate” calories or to “save them” due to starvation….

Something else that works for *ME* (and this is just a VERY recent discovery -actually kind of by accident-) and maybe many other people have found this out but it’s just NEW for ME is:


I eat more carbs when the day starts and decrease them as the day goes… so now I usually have PROTEIN ONLY at night. It is important to notice that I am NOT PRO “low carb diets” or anything like that… I think carbs are very important to fuel your body… (plus… I honestly wouldn’t be able to do a low carb diet… it’s just impossible for me… I NEED THOSE) but I am just saying … “eat them early” during the day (or at least that’s what I’ve seen works…-at least is working now- for me…. so… when I go to an evening grill out or party… I just say: “I’ll have some chicken with that steak, thank you” šŸ˜‰

And those are I think two of my most recent findings … how about you? What works for you? Are you afraid of food? Were you ever? what did you do about it?

The Thin Lady Inside


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