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Frumpiness makes me eat!

Hello! I’ve been busy and absent from my blog but it doesn’t mean that I am not working out or watching what I eat… I’ve been very active… trying to burn at least 700 calories daily on the Wii… today was 759 calories (and I still need to run 1/2 hour) so … I’m definitely on the fight! daily! I had some not so good days last week, when I felt like I could eat a whole cow… I felt like the fattest person on earth and I was just struggling! I wanted to eat … I felt like I haven’t really lost anything… (why!? I don’t know! The scale shows good numbers but I guess that’s how the complicated brain of a person with obesity and weight issues works) I didn’t like my reflection on the mirror and of course I didn’t like it… I didn’t even feel like getting dressed or anything… If you’ve been reading my posts you know that’s not very much like me… I mean… the whole “being down” attitude… But I guess there are days in the month when a woman (whether we admit it or not) just feels ugly, sad, angry, etc… (oh! Our friends the hormones!) and I realized that I had to “shake that off” and the first step was to… well… of course… for me is going to God and just leaving my burdens to Him and just praise Him! Focus on the blessings and not on the clouds in my head… butt the other quick and practical thing to do is… take a shower and put on nice clothes! doesn’t have to be fancy … just something better than pajamas or that frumpy huge t-shirt you wear! LOL! Because it is weird how being “frumpy” translates into this feeling of “desolation” that makes you want to eat to “feel better” or just to “escape” … Don’t worry… I shook those feelings off pretty quickly… and I am thrilled to share that I am now at: 189.4 pounds! YOOHOO! Another milestone!!! I am almost out of the “obesity” range! YAY! Gotta go now! I’ll be posting again soon!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Frumpiness makes me eat!

  1. There are definitely days when it feels like a slo-o-ow process, but you are making progress, so congrats to you! I wish I had a blog years ago when I was losing weight. There would have been many times I would have vented about my frustrations. It’s a great outlet!
    Good for you for forcing yourself out of your “frumpiness”. Sounds like you’ve got the determination to keep the process going. You’ll succeed! Just keep it up! 🙂

  2. We all have moment like that I think, sometimes like you said the scale show numbers going down but the brain feels like it doesn’t work and try to make you think all the work you do is for nothing…weird hey? But you shaked it off faster than most people and it sounds just like the energitic positive person than I know through your posts. Good job!! 🙂

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