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Yoplait Chocolate/Banana Smoothie Review

Well… I was watching “The Biggest Loser” on Tuesday and they were all “on vacations” in Hawaii! What a beautiful place to go on vacations! This last episode was all about getting rid of the “I can’t lose weight on vacations” excuse. The contestants had to face challenges and still watch what they were eating while enjoying the beautiful place! Most of them didn’t feel like exercising but they found that they could still burn calories while engaging in fun activities! So.. that was all very cool! Anyway… many times there are “commercials” during the show, usually “the trainers” (Bob and/or Dolvett) endorse a product or restaurant (like Subway, protein/healthy bars, etc) and this time it was the turn for the new “Yoplait Chocolate/Banana Smoothie” the moment I heard about it I thought “oooh! Sounds goooood! and if The Biggest Loser is advertising it then it means it must be ‘ok’ for me, even if just like a low calorie treat” the contestants -of course- seemed to love their smoothie (which was served in big glasses) and they kept saying how great it was to be able to enjoy something like this without affecting your diet… So I almost ran to the store to get my own! I didn’t find it… so hubby later went and got it for me… Had I been in the store I would’ve read the “nutritional information” in the back of the bag and never gotten it… but I was (and still am) very thankful he got it for me! (even when I gasped after reading all the stuff in it) I was actually surprised “The Biggest Loser” recommended it but I guess business is business.

I think it is very important for us, trying to be not only thinner but healthier, to read the LABELS of everything we eat… I know not “everything” we eat is going to be “wholesome” and we can have one or two “low calorie” not very healthy treats here and there… but this smoothie has tons of sugar in it!

I still made it, the 7 oz. package is enough to make 2 smoothies, you find it in the frozen foods aisle and the contents are basically frozen slices of banana AND small chunks of creamy/milky chocolate, then you just blend it with 1 cup (8 oz.) of skim milk and you have 2 (not very big) smoothies for a total 130 calories each, yes, it’s not “that many calories” for a “creamy chocolaty treat” but…. BUT… I think that we should try to watch “where those calories come from” 1 single serving of this smoothie represents 11 grams of SUGAR, only 3 grams of Protein. There is not much fat from it but sugar… sugar! That’s a lot! In the ingredients you find Sugar, corn starch and sucralose (which basically means sugar on top of sugar!) I was actually disappointed, I still got myself to make it, just to see “how good” the flavor was, I loved it when the spoon was filled of something that almost looked like “chocolate ice cream” but the flavor (FOR ME) was still not quite “there” you know? I mean, if I am going to eat “all that sugar” then make it “worth”, don’t you think? and the flavor didn’t entirely convince me.

So… I thought I would share my findings with all of you.

If you do not care much about “sugar intake” and you are only counting calories then I guess it would be fine, but if you are also concerned about carbs/sugar then I would suggest to stay away from this.

The Thin Lady Inside.


7 thoughts on “Yoplait Chocolate/Banana Smoothie Review

  1. Good point! I once read the nutrition label on a blueberry muffin that I used to eat quite often before dieting. When I saw it had over 600 calories I about flipped! I can have an ENTIRE meal for that amount, and I used to eat it for a snack? ugh. Now, I always check the nutrition labels to see if I feel they are worth it. I’ve been known to throw things away, or even spit them out, if I didn’t feel the taste was “quite there” as you said.
    Serving sizes can be tricky as well. It’s good that you noticed there were TWO servings in that bag. (In fact, there’s two and A HALF). Some people would have thought there was 130 calories in the entire bag.
    If you like smoothies, however, you should make your own. Then you can control how much sugar is put in, and you can use a variety of fruits. 🙂

  2. I got caught on bying diet stuff at first and found out that I was hungry not long after but all my calories were spent. I also read a lot of package when I shop and I am like you I don’t like average taste if it’s for a treat.

    • I don’t buy lots of diet stuff, except for some treats like this… I find it like a “great option” … I don’t try to use them to fill me up, because it might not be “the healthiest choice” plus.. like you say… you are not really “satisfied” … you get hungry pretty quickly

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  4. I add in quaker old fashioned oats, about 1/2 a cup to a cup into the smoothie before i blend it. It adds a bit more substance while still keeping the flavor and keeps me full longer. it works wonders

  5. I added two tablespoons of natural peanut butter to mine and thought the taste of the smoothie was great, I have it for breakfast and it keep me full until lunch.

  6. I add GNC ‘ S Amped Ripped chocolate peanut butter flavored powder to this and 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk to this and blend in my ninja. It’s AMAZING and I eat it as a treat after a few days of eating very cleanly or sometimes as a meal itself (okay to do with protein added in). Some of the sugar in this is natural from the banana so once in a blue moon this is okay to have.
    To make your own:
    1 banana (frozen works too )
    Several ice cubes
    2 tbs natural PB or PB2 (or fave nut butter)
    Honey to taste
    2 tbs cocoa powder
    Unsweetened choc almond milk (begin with 8 oz and add more as necessary)
    Protein powder if desired

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