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Are you Pregnant?

So…. last night I went to church for Ladies Bible Study! I was very happy feeling “thinner” LOL! Until I went to the restroom and someone looked at me and made a “very excited face” and said “oh! You are pregnant!?” and I then said (trying to keep a normal voice) “Oh no! no no no no no” (I guess I said many times no) and she said… (trying to make things better) “Oh! I just thought you were because I didn’t see you last week! So I thought maybe she is pregnant!” -yeah! right- (LOL! I just laughed and felt bad for how uncomfortable she probably felt!) I went outside and told hubby about it and he said: “THAT IS A COMPLIMENT! The thing is that you look much slimmer now but since you still have stomach well, that’s why she thought you look pregnant” ehem! I guess I need to work even harder on those abs! Right? so… yay! I got asked if I was pregnant! what a compliment” (rolling my eyes!) πŸ˜›

On another note let me share that I keep exercising like crazy! I spent two hours on the Wii Fit yesterday! I try to AT LEAST do that! I feel great! my eating has been great and I am 194 pounds right now! I am just very very happy! Tomorrow hubby and I were going to attend one of the “Social Fridays” from church but I BEGGED HIM not to! It’s just too hard for me to watch everybody eat and not eat anything! There is nothing good to even choose from… I am strong and I know I can do it but nah! I just don’t feel like putting myself in “harms way” right? rather stay home for now! just this one time! I don’t want to be anti-social but it’s hard that every single thing we go to involves fattening food! so oh well… tonight at 12:01 am (well, I guess that makes it tomorrow morning) I will be going to the movie theater with some friends from sure (see! I am not that anti-social) I am not a night person but I love going to the movies and it’s been at least 2 years since I last watched a movie at the theater… I can’t wait !!! now… I just have to avoid the candy and popcorn! LOL!

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Are you Pregnant?

  1. Ugh. The mistaken pregnancy question. I would bet this has happened to most people on one side or the other. Good for you to not let it bother you though!
    Social gatherings that involve fat-making foods are sooo hard! I can see why you would not want to go. When it gets easier to avoid the most tempting foods, you can start going again. A lot of times I will bring my own dish or snacks so that I know there will be something there that I can eat. People make fun of me, but oh well… πŸ™‚
    I also bring my own popcorn to the movie theater! I love to eat while watching the movies, but I don’t want the fat from their popcorn, so I’ll pop a microwave bag at home, stuff it in my purse, and pull it out once the lights go down. **shhh** don’t tell anyone. πŸ˜‰

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