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Eating for my birthday…

Well… I told you all I went to Chick-Fil-A for my birthday, right? And I told you about the good choices I made! that was great! but the real “celebration” happened this weekend! Saturday! because my mom and sister came from Mx to celebrate with me… and here’s what we had:

(minus the baby bottle!)

Doesn’t it look great? Grilled chicken breasts and vegetable skewers (I must confess the skewers had about 2 small pieces of bacon each) but nobody felt like they “missed out” on anything! We dined next to the pool and enjoyed a great time! Later… for “the cake” I made individual molten cakes… so there wouldn’t be any leftovers… (I also made them with a cupcake pan instead of ramekins to make them even smaller!) they were really, really good! And I indulged myself with ONE!

So… there you have it… there was no need to throw all my efforts overboard and destroy what I’ve accomplished so far! Plus we all enjoyed playing the “Wii FIT” so had very healthy entertainment too!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Eating for my birthday…

  1. It’s obvious how proud of yourself you are! I am totally drawn into your excitement! Isn’t it awesome to learn that healthy foods can be so yummy and fun! And then you don’t feel as bad when you indulge in a little treat. I’m happy you didn’t deprive yourself on your birthday, yet you didn’t indulge either, so no guilty feelings afterwards!
    Well done! And happy birthday once again! 🙂

    • Thanks shadow! I am just happy I’ve endured this path! I am definitely not losing weight as fast as I used to but I know the results will be worth it and lasting results too! I am also shocked to see regardless of all the work and weight I’ve lost I am still OBESE! Not even overweight but OBESE and I realize how bad I was treating my body! and how much I was hurting myself! incredible!

      • I totally know what you mean. I was never in the obese range, but I was definitely overweight, and when I look back now, I can’t believe how I had mistreated my body. I don’t do everything right now, I still eat too much sugar I’m sure, but I do make a conscious effort to eat healthy foods and exercise. I’m as fit and healthy as I have ever been, and at 42 I’m pretty proud of the way I look and feel.
        Unfortunately it always seems to take longer to lose the weight than it did to gain it! 🙂 But you’re determined, I can tell, so it’ll happen!

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