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Happy Birthday to me!

No, not today… but yesterday, it was my birthday! It was a busy day, grocery shopping in the morning and then celebrated with my little girls at Chick-Fil-A … they love it and I do too, especially because I can still watch what I eat, “water to drink, thank you and my chicken sandwich make it grilled with whole wheat bread, um! No… no waffle potato fries but how about some side salad? oh yes, dressing, the fat free honey mustard one, please… I’ll just have a little bit! you know? still watching the sugar!” 😉

Then came home and still exercised on the Wii, only about half an hour… I started feeling sick and yes, I have a very bad cold! coughed all night long! (how about that for toning your abs?) and today… well, today I am waiting for my mom and sister to arrive from Mx… they’ll be visiting because of my birthday! YES! I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow! we’ll be having cake! ( I’m scared! 😮 LOL!) I’ll just have a thin slice… Thank God I am not a big fan of frosting anyway!

So, that’s it for now… It feels good to start a new “year of life” on the right foot, not feeling like years translate in pounds that accumulate on me… but feeling like I can actually still enjoy life for many many more healthy years God willing!

So… Happy birthday to ME!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Yay! Happy Birthday!! Great job at Chick-Fil-A! I love going to places where there are healthier options, and where they let you know how many calories are in the meal you’re eating. Savor your cake, and you will get just as much enjoyment out of it as you would a huge slice. Treasure every molecule and it will be the best cake you’ve ever had. 😉
    Here’s to a great start to your “new year of life!”…….

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