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Living like a thin person

So, watching “The Biggest Loser” right now… I had a “breakthrough” (if you could call it that)… some “viewer” contacted the show (via facebook, twitter or something like that) asking: “I’ve lost tons of weight! I am thin now! Why do I still see myself fat? What can I do to see myself like the slim person I am now?” (something like that! I don’t remember exactly, but that was the whole point of the question)… so … I immediately turned up the volume to hear the answer, because I needed to know the “secret”! I’ve been really thin in the past, and no matter what… I’ve always seen myself like I am obese… So I couldn’t wait to hear the answer, almost nervous and excited at the same time! Hoping what he would say would be a total revelation to my life and help ME when I become a thin person to see myself as one! so … leaning my body forward and being really careful to hear and understand what the answer would be… I heard Bob Harper say: “Dear (whatever the name was) if you want to feel thin, do the things that you couldn’t do when you were fat, do “thin people” things! run marathons, climb mountains, sky dive, go rapelling! Do the things that you couldn’t do because you were obese…” and the rest became a blur! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! What a revelation that was to me! Something soooo simple! Something that you could think is just “common sense” for me was such a huge revelation! And I realized… that I didn’t feel “thin” because I never “acted thin” … I always acted obese even when I was UNDERWEIGHT, so I never felt thin, I never saw myself thin and as a result ended up being what I acted like… an obese person all over again! I guess if I had acted like I was thin and done “thin people things” I would’ve, eventually, “become a thin person” not only physically but mentally too! Every time I’ve lost tons of weight it seems that “I don’t know what to do with it” yes, I have so much energy, yes I feel better and I know I can do more things but … I don’t do it! It’s like if I was still “carrying all the weight” inside of me! I am so happy I heard such a great advice… and I am planning on living like a thin person! I am already acting “thinner” (although I am still obese) but once the shackles start falling and the pounds that anchor me disappear, I won’t stay quiet! I will live like the thin person I’ll become! I won’t waste all that gained energy going back to restaurants and movie theaters (at least I won’t JUST do that) I will get involved in activities that require my body to move, that make me conscious and enjoy this new ME! … Yes… It’s a plan!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “Living like a thin person

  1. Oh my gosh! This is soooo ME! Once I Iost the weight, I gained so much energy, and now I LOVE being active. I’m always looking for ways to be moving. My job requires me to stand all day. Yay. I run quite often, and work out on my elliptical when I can’t run. When I go out, I like to DO things, so movies and things like that don’t appeal to me. Our vacations involve horseback riding, zip lining…. things like that. I never thought of it quite that way, but I’m living like a thin person. πŸ™‚ I can see by how excited you are about your wii and exercising that living like a think person will be easy for you! What a great revelation! πŸ™‚

  2. No wonder you’ve been successful! You were applying the obvious principles that for many of us are just not so obvious… Thank you!!! Yes… great revelation! and I want to translate these new thoughts into actions! πŸ™‚

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