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Exercise and… weight!

Exercising with the WII is a great addition to my daily exercise, it helps me start the day so motivated and even makes me want to “get up” early! 🙂 I am loving it! So… yesterday I even found it hard to go downstairs… My leg muscles were burning but IN A GOOD WAY! I knew the exercise on the WII was working! it IS working! I am doing strength and balance exercises mostly because I get my “cardio/fat burning” on the treadmill in the evening! It doesn’t even feel like it when you are on the balance board but… YOU ARE ACTUALLY working muscles out! it is also so much fun that you don’t even realize time “flies” … and I get to do a “Body test” each day to see my improvements and chart it all.. I am getting to see my weight each day… and weirdly enough I am not obsessed with it even when I was sooo crazy about it just last week! So now that we are talking about weight let me give you an update on my numbers:

Last time I shared my weight: (03/5) 197.2              Today’s weight: 195.3

There were some bumps in the road and times when not only I didn’t see my weight go down but actually went up a little and so… but again… I am just happy I am on the right road… and eventually the numbers will have to “match” my effort and consistency.

So… that’s it for now…

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Exercise and… weight!

  1. Yay for burning muscles!
    I’m happy that you’re not too concerned with the numbers on the scale. Your weight will always fluctuate – that’s the benefit of being a woman :/, but you’re right to understand that over time, you will continue to lose weight. You are absolutely on the right track!! 🙂

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