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Awesome day!

I feel so bad I haven’t had a chance to post more here or to comment on friends’ blogs or to reply on comments here… But I’ve just been so busy here! Homeschooling is AWESOME! I am enjoying it a lot and my 3yr. old daughter is loving it and learning so much! It is great to see her enjoy learning new things with mommy! So … if you are reading this and reply here … THANK YOU!!! Thank you very much! I do read each post and find it so encouraging and I promise I’ll get to answer each comment soon!

So… Today…. The day started great, early in the morning I spent one hour on the WII… I love it because my dds (dear daughters) get to see mommy exercising and my 3 yr. old even gets to exercise herself, she loves “mirroring” what I am doing!! I think it also sets a good example for them and gets them in good habits since they are young. I burned a total of 350 calories on the WII, then I had my normal day, did good with food and went to the gym in the evening (when hubby came from work!) (FINALLY because last week I didn’t work out at all!!) I spent one hour on the treadmill and really pushed myself even when every single fiber of my being was screaming to get off the treadmill and just go watch tv sitting on the couch! I burned a total of 750 calories! (or so I choose to believe because that’s what the treadmill tells me I lost due to the intensity of my exercise and my weight but the WII says if I did a heavy exercise for 1 hour is only 450 calories… so… oh well! I choose the 750, right???) so there you already have 1100 calories burned in a day! I came home, watched some TV (yes… I took a very awesome and needed shower) and ended my day with some balance and breathing training on the wii just to end on a high note! I am just so happy to feel this energized and productive during my day… Praise God!

By the way…. My weight hasn’t changed from last Monday to today… 😦 but happily I am just thrilled for the changes occurring in my life and knowing that in time the weight will come off on its own because I am going on the right direction… see??? hey!!! Not only my body is showing some change but my mind too!!! I am just pumped and looking forward to more days like today (and even better) Off to sleep now! Thank you for reading!

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Awesome day!

  1. It’s great to see you so happy with your efforts! The numbers on the exercise machines aren’t always accurate, but they do give you a general idea of how hard you’re working out. The important thing is to get your heart rate up while doing cardio, and to develop muscle with your strength training exercises. All of this WILL lead to weight loss, but not necessarily on a day to day basis. So use the numbers on the scale as a guideline only, and trust that over time you will see the numbers continue to drop. You’re doing awesome!

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