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Eating to get back on track

Well… since I won’t be sharing my weight everyday… I’ll just be sharing about the thoughts that go through my mind each day with this new lifestyle I am adopting! Something I’ve realized is that when I indulge or “lose control” and eat something I shouldn’t… I want to “dwell” on what I did and/or punish myself by eating less the rest of the day or “not eating at all” … But for *ME* that is just like “prolonging” the pain of what I did instead of just “moving on” … Something that works for me… or that at least has worked this time around… is to just “leave the past in the past” and move on to “better things” (literally) … When I’ve either consciously and purposely indulged or binged without purpose or control I’ve learned to “move on” from that and not even “punish myself” but just continue with my “good eating” like “nothing happened” …

Let me explain… for example… if I already have my menu and let’s say I am supposed to eat something like “an omelette in the morning, sandwich for lunch and chicken with vegetables for dinner” but in between let’s say “lunch and dinner” I ate “chips and had a coke or a slice of cake” (just giving an example) In the past I would’ve skipped dinner to try to “make up for the extra-calories I had” I would go to bed sometimes hungry but I deserved it! Didn’t I? For eating something I shouldn’t! It wasn’t like I was “making an adjustment because of what I ate” It was more like “punishing myself for being such a pig!” (that’s the way I would’ve felt) and then the guilt and remorse would last longer… I would even wonder if I would actually be able to get back on track! and lots of negative thoughts would flood my mind… Now… in all the “new things I am doing” and the “habits that I am changing” if that was the case… and let’s say I had those chips and/or cake… Guess what I do? I get back on track immediately! I mean… I move on and have my regular/healthy dinner! You can think I am crazy but it actually helps me! I know I am adding extra calories to the calories I already ate! But… it HELPS ME! It makes me feel like the “indulging” is “thing of the past” and I am back to eating what I have to eat… even the guilt and remorse don’t “Stick around” like they would’ve because hey! I am back! I didn’t let the indulging drag me down to a pit-hole! It was a “random event” and it IS NO MORE! I am back to eating my healthy food! and moving on to continuing with my journey!

I don’t know if these thoughts make sense for you or anyone… I am just sharing about My very personal journey and what’s working for me… the discoveries I am making not only of how my body acts/reacts but how my brain does!

The Thin Lady Inside


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