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Finally exercising!

After a whole week of not being able to exercise (due to lack of running shoes and hubby throwing away my old ones! LOL!) we finally found the shoes I needed and yesterday was my first day to work out with them… I felt good, strong, but towards the end I got a very bad stomachache … I am happy I am back on track with my workouts though! And looking forward to exercising today! I have to admit once you get “out of your routine” it’s a little hard to give that “first step” and get back on it! but… once you start doing it you realize “it wasn’t that bad after all

Today has been good… I’m obsessed with the scale again though… so we are going to have to hide it one more time… I think that’s the way it’s going to be now… not having access to it other than Mondays! I’ve been doing good even when we had a big “Luncheon” in church I made good choices and still enjoyed the fellowship! I keep receiving compliments on how I look and people asking how much I’ve lost! 🙂 It’s great when it’s that obvious!

So… that’s it for now… just updating… there are other things I’ve been thinking about… but I need to get my ideas in order and then I’ll write about that too!

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3 thoughts on “Finally exercising!

  1. I know the feeling – when you can’t exercise for a while, you realize you actually MISS it! SO yay for you!
    Does the scale make you upset if it goes backwards or stays the same? Because if you’re okay with the numbers and understand that it will fluctuate depending on the time of the month, or whether or not you’re retaining water, then I wouldn’t be concerned about weighing yourself all the time. I used to weigh daily as well while I was losing. However, if it bothers you to see the numbers, then it’s best to just weigh once a week. At least you’re not worrying about it daily then.
    Kudos for doing well at your church luncheon! You’re really starting to make a lifestyle change! AWESOME! 🙂

    • it does bother me A LOT! To see a fluctuation in the numbers (like going up or staying the same) I know that those numbers vary due to MANY MANY FACTORS… I know that… but it drives me crazy! LOL! I obsess with it all day long so it helps for a “very bad start of my day” … 😉 Thanks for the encouragement!!!

      • I have been there, so I totally understand. But because I’ve been there, I also know that it’s a big relief when you finally are able to NOT weigh yourself daily. When you begin to trust YOURSELF – when you trust that you’re eating healthy, exercising, staying within your caloric range – then you’ll be able to TRUST that you will lose weight, and you will not need the scale to comfort you. (Or tick you off as sometimes is the case! :)) When I read your posts, I fully believe that you understand and you’re committed. You’re doing it right. TRUST yourself! You don’t need the scale to tell you you’re doing a good job. So yeah – you should probably hide it away for at LEAST a week… maybe two. And then when you step on it the results will look huge!

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