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No more 200s

Finally… I can celebrate! I am not in the 200’s anymore! Let’s see my numbers:

Last Monday’s weight: 200.6 lbs.         Today’s weight: 197.2 lbs.

3.4 pounds this week! I was really hoping to lose more but I knew it would be hard since I didn’t go to the gym any of those days! I finally got shoes that are comfortable for running (on Sunday after returning 2 pairs of shoes and trying many others on!) but I am ready to go back to the “gym routine” today!

I am so happy to finally be in the 100s! It is soo rewarding! but I’m going for more!!! Yesterday was a good day… we had an invitation to eat dinner with some friends from church and I did awesome… I ate what they made but watching the combination of foods, filling my plate with lots of veggies (salad and green beans) and small portions of pasta and meat. It was good, I enjoyed the conversation and didn’t touch the cookies at the end. On Saturday I indulged with a diet soda but I realize I didn’t even need it (I couldn’t even drink half) I’ve never been a “soda” person so water is always better… I know junk food will always be there and will always tempt me… no matter how much I enjoy healthy food and vegetables I still crave fries and pizza… I like the “healthy alternatives” but sometimes I still want the greasy stuff! and the “nothing-fat-free-in-it-desserts” … So I have the opportunity to “exercise” my self-control very often! and I am happy I am doing well… The more I use my strength and self-control the more I feel I can do this!

Ok… I just wanted to share the news! …. Have to go now… the 3 and 1 yr. old won’t give themselves breakfast on their own 😛

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “No more 200s

  1. What a huge milestone! Congratulations!!
    After 13 years, I only crave a few things that are “bad” for me. Ice cream and french fries. I treat myself to ice cream every day, but I build it into my calorie intake. The fries, I only have on occasion and usually I can get by with just savoring one or two. So the good news is, after eating healthy for a while, those other cravings will diminish, and you’ll start to crave things like broccoli! I NEVER thought I would say those words, but I’m telling you – I actually look forward to steamed broccoli and cauliflower at supper. I load up on those, and then have a little chicken and potato or whatever I made for the family.
    Oh – and congratulations as well for making it through your dinner with friends! Great idea to load up on the healthy stuff and just have a taste of the others! You’re doing fantastic!! 🙂

    • Thanks Shadowrun! I do hope these cravings go away (or get milder!) but I don’t want to bet on it! LOL! I love broccoli! I do crave vegetables, I always have… but I don’t think I’ll ever stop craving junk food… it’s interesting… when I’ve had long periods without eating “bad things” I do feel “sick” when eating it again… but I “get over it” pretty quickly! I guess I’ve never gotten “sick enough” to stop for good! LOL! So this time I want to have a “different approach” and know that even if my cravings never go away I am stronger than that… I want to also LEARN (not only in my mind) to indulge moderately and controlled! anyway… Thanks for being happy for me! and for setting an example! 🙂

    • Thanks Dave! It is nice to see you around! Especially because I think you were the first person to ever comment here! I remember I was surprised when I saw I had a comment and it was so nice and so encouraging! 🙂 I am happy I am not in the 200s anymore but there’s still a long way to go!

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