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Expecting the unexpected and WINNING!

Good day everybody! I am ready to enjoy this weekend! How about you? Each day has its challenges, we must know that ahead of time (I am talking about eating healthy and exercising here) and prepare for it! It is funny how we always talk after we fell into temptation and we ate or chose to stay on the couch instead of going to the gym we always say things like “well this or that happened so I ate or so I didn’t exercise” I know it’s ok to intentionally indulge once in a while but the problem is when we don’t intentionally (consciously) indulge (still controlling portion sizes and “knowing when to stop) but instead it seems that we keep inadvertently falling into “the trap of food or laziness” and then… it turns out we didn’t just “fall into the trap” and get out but many times those “traps” come with feelings of guilt, discouragement and a bunch of remorse that get us even deeper in the trap! So  I think that it’s KEY to know ahead of time that the day will bring things like:

  • We went somewhere and it got late so we had to eat out.
  • Unexpected invitation to eat out or at someone else’s house.
  • A gift of candy or a good movie on TV.
  • Someone got sick and you don’t have time to cook.

and so many others (feel free to share your own!)

so… why don’t we just prepare ahead to not fall “with everything” into that trap? It’s not about rejecting every invitation or not accepting gifts or not watching that movie! but it’s about being always ready for at least the most common scenarios that get us “out” of what we had initially intended to do, let’s study the examples above and see what we could do:

– We went somewhere and it got late so we had to eat out. – We can choose subway or a place with “healthier” options. most places have a “lower calorie” menu, if you eat salad then you are going to want to stay away from the dressings, learn AHEAD about food and their calories and act accordingly when ordering.

– Unexpected invitation to eat out or at someone else’s house. – If eating out you can use the same rule as the previous example, if going to someone else’s house you can eat what they offer and just watch your portions, choose drinking lots of water and say no to dessert if possible or just have a tiny amount of it.

– A gift of candy or a good movie on TV. – If someone gives you candy you can’t just be rude and say “Don’t you see I am trying to lose weight?” But you don’t HAVE TO EAT IT ALL either! You can gracefully accept the gift and share it with others! have a bite! Go ahead! but why not have that bite when you are really going to enjoy it? If you are going to plan on having those calories then make them count! and have that bite when you are really going to sit and enjoy, maybe listening some music, maybe reading a book or with a cup of coffee… that way it will be that much satisfying and you will not feel deprived. And about that movie… Can you save it for later? Most people can now! or maybe you can watch the same show while on the treadmill (if you go to the gym they usually have TVs on the treadmill just take your ear set! you’ll still enjoy it and will even make the time on the treadmill go that MUCH faster)

– Someone got sick and you don’t have time to cook. – Having easy/quick to prepare HEALTHY/Low calorie food in the fridge is always a great idea! Even for those moments of “weakness” when you feel super hungry and want to eat it all!

So… let’s GET READY! and let’s BE PREPARED! And stop using “the unexpected” as one of our biggest excuses. If we prepare ahead for those “unexpected” situations wisely they won’t be so unexpected anymore and we will succeed! and the more we do it the easier it will get and we won’t be caught “off guard” so often! It’s not like we can’t enjoy life! We just need to enjoy it wisely! especially if we have an issue with weight.

so… any other ideas you got? share them here! This is for me and for whoever reads and might find it helpful too!

Now.. here is my idea of a healthy (still delicious)  and very quick snack:

Jicama y pepino con chile:

In Mexico, you can see carts of people who sell fruit on the streets.

It is a very good/healthy choice if you are hungry … My favorite (and lowest in calorie) are “Jicama and cucumber” and you can eat “all you want” without ever feeling guilty all you need is:

  • Jicama (most grocery stores have it in the produce dept.)
  • Cucumber
  • Lime juice (Fresh)
  • Salt
  • Chili powder (chile piquin)

I won’t give you the amounts as it is pretty much to taste, If I eat about 1 cup of jicama and 1 cup of pepino I use 1 to 2 limes, a sprinkle of salt and chili powder. just chop your jicama and cucumber and sprinkle with the rest of the ingredients! Enjoy! (you can do this with carrots too!)

The Thin Lady Inside


2 thoughts on “Expecting the unexpected and WINNING!

  1. You are RIGHT ON about all of this. It’s something I learned after being on my diet for a few months, and something I STILL use today – 13 years later.
    You are definitely on the right track! Great insight! This was my way of thinking while I was losing weight, and I succeeded. If you’re thinking along these lines too, you are definitely on your way to success!

    • Thanks shadowrun! 🙂 The test came very soon! A couple invited us to their house for dinner and … I did great… so… I am definitely focused and I know I’ll succeed 😉 I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own though so I am thankful for my supportive family, for my journal and for people like you and those who read because those are all factors that are helping me succeed! 🙂

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