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Feet issues! LOL!

I am doing good, there just hasn’t been much to say, baby girl is doing better and I’ve been consistently eating healthy! I haven’t been exercising because of my lack of shoes, we did change them but they didn’t work either! I have weird feet! LOL! You wouldn’t tell but the thing is that the arch is too high so it is somewhat hard to find shoes for me… So I have been trying to stay active by going out with my girls and just walking around…

Weight wise I am still obsessed with the scale, not as much as before but I haven’t been able to not weigh myself daily! so… I step on the scale every morning … I will sill update my weight on Mondays only though, so… stay tuned! 😉

so, I guess that’s it for now… just a quick update just to not lose my habit of writing here… it really helps me stay accountable/motivated.

The Thin Lady Inside


One thought on “Feet issues! LOL!

  1. So glad to hear your baby girl’s doing better! And congrats on getting back to eating healthy!
    Finding comfortable shoes to exercise in is important, so I’m glad you’re making sure you have the right fit. I run quite often, and I KNOW the importance of good shoes! I’m glad you’re getting out walking with your girls though. ANY kind of movement burns calories, and that what’s needed to lose weight. Sounds like you’re right on track! Keep it going! 🙂

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