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Well… yesterday is in the past whether bad or good I can’t do anything about it anymore… and my future will be affected by what I do today… So I need to stop getting impatient about the future and feeling guilty about the past and just work at this one day at a time! Today… Meal by Meal… work out by work out! πŸ™‚

I choose to have a good day today! My circumstances might not entirely change (baby is still a little sick, strep throat, but she is very strong and she’ll be all better!) and I might still be tempted with things to eat… but I’ll face each temptation at a time! Anyway… I want to say… that part of my not stressing to much will be my “getting on the scale” I’ll leave that for Mondays! so I won’t be able to update my numbers each day but that’s ok… We’ll see … I might adjust as I go… it’s interesting how weighing once a week does help me in a way to not be so stressed out and then disappointed if my weight varies only an ounce or two but at the same time it is something that “holds me accountable” day by day because I know if I eat something I shouldn’t it will SHOW immediately… anyway… as I said… we’ll see.. I think doing it only once is “healthier” for my mind.

And speaking of today… I won’t be exercising! It turns out that my new running shoes won’t work for me… I step weird so I need probably 1/2 size bigger shoes so they don’t hurt me as I run… I think hubby will get them changed today but he’ll be home until late at night tonight so … there goes my work out… I’ll focus on my calorie intake for the day!

So… what are you doing TODAY?

The Thin Lady Inside


4 thoughts on “Today

  1. I love what you wrote “my future will be affected by what I do today” . It would absolutely be the key to anything that we want! Weight loss, trip, dreams anything! It’s the everyday small action that makes a different on the future.Today I am trying to get ris of a migraine and it’s a very sticky one lol so didn’t do too much really. I see that your back on track with a positive attitude. Great πŸ™‚

  2. Yay! Glad to see you’re back on track today! But sorry to hear that your shoes aren’t fitting right! If you can’t get a workout in, at least try to move whenever you can. Any kind of activity will burn calories. Sure hope your little one is feeling better soon! It’s always so sad when they’re sick.

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