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One big turkey down… three to go!

Yes! That’s how much weight I’ve lost! One whole BIG 22 pound turkey! LOL! I finally weighed myself today (after not getting on the scale for 4 days) Today… I did it and I lost in those days the amount of 3.2 pounds! I am just thrilled! Not only I PURPOSELY AND PURPOSEFULLY INDULGED to “get my body going” but I increased a little bit my daily calorie intake! (adhering to My Original Menu) …. I also was strong resisting the temptation of eating junk, greasy food and I am so happy it all paid off! I was a bit nervous getting on the scale today! But I was thrilled when I saw the numbers! Let’s go to them:

My weight on Wednesday 2/22: 203.8 lbs.       My weight today 2/27: 200.6 lbs.

And I finally see the end of 200’s much closer! I have lost an entire turkey like the big one we had for Thanksgiving last year (Visualizing my weight like that gives me an idea on what was on my body and isn’t there anymore!)

Look at it!

LOL! That’s no longer IN ME! or I could also see it in butter! Can you imagine? 22 pounds of butter?? 🙂 I no longer carry that! The other side of it is that I still need to lose 3 more whole turkeys like that! But I know I can do it! And I will!

The Thin Lady Inside


3 thoughts on “One big turkey down… three to go!

  1. I am soooo happy for you! You said you usually couldn’t get pass the mark you were t but you did it and you are almost back in the 100’s. It all seems weird when we imagine our weight being something else that we carry with us all the time, it sure is a big turckey(looks delicious too) and I have lost one as well lol Let,s get going on losing the next one now 🙂

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