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Running from Junk-food, running-shoes and running to the scale!

So… how was everybody’s weekend? I literally felt like I had a pizza running after me! Do I have a target on my back or what’s going on? First we had the “bowling Social Friday” where there was a pizza laid in front of me and I just had water, then the “Awana Grand Prix event” from church ended with PIZZA! And there was so much pizza left-over that they were almost BEGGING us to eat! I just said “no thank you” As I watched everybody eat in front of me! Today I made comfort food for my family 🙂 Stuff that was really ON MY MIND and that I would’ve loved to enjoy but I made it for them: Meatloaf and mac’n’cheese  hubby and my oldest girl loved it (the littlest was already sleeping) and a lady from church invited us for lunch next Sunday and she is already saying it will be something yummy so… you can imagine how I feel like food is after me! Like if there was something that just wants me to “fall” and make it harder for me! I am just thankful I’ve been good regardless of all that and I’ve adhered to my diet… so I’ve been running, running, running from food! 

Then… If you have read my previous posts, especially when I talk about “work-outs” you know I’ve said I need running shoes… well.. I finally got them! Hubby bought a new pair for me! I was sooo needing them! why don’t I let two pictures tell you how much I needed them?

My old shoes

Really worn out!!!

As you can see I EXHAUSTED my tennis shoes! I really got all the possible mileage out of them… and then some!

So… I am sure you can imagine how thrilled I am to have gotten these:

Let's run!!!

so… that was a really nice gift! Right now I am biting my nails just thinking that I am finally going to be able to weigh myself after a few days of having it “off limits” … tomorrow morning I’ll run to it and find out if I’ve lost any more pounds! Oh! I sure hope so!!!! I’ll keep you POSTED! 😉

The Thin Lady Inside


5 thoughts on “Running from Junk-food, running-shoes and running to the scale!

  1. I was running away from food today, too – CARBS! Held out all day until this evening with a small handful of goji berries. But it was a huge struggle. And the pizza – had a Kashi whole wheat roasted veggie one piled with mushrooms, a bit of sugar free marinara, and a little bit of parmesan cheese. So tasty! And a small Carvel dessert. Didn’t gain from it and got the pizza fix at a fraction of the calories. You might want to check out the book “Eat This, Not That” 2012 edition. Full of terrific swaps, supermarket tips, and recipes. Very helpful!

    • Thanks for commenting Kalima! I’ve seen you around once in a while but I am really glad you shared something here! I’ve heard about that book and actually seen on TV some of the “choices you can make” and the difference it is… it is incredible! Thank you for recommending the book! That will be on my “must haves” list! 🙂 sounds like you are doing great! I am happy you still made good choices! Once you make a good choice it is like a chain reaction because you realize YOU CAN and it gives you strength to continue… the problem is when we make a bad choice we can get really discouraged too! But we shouldn’t stay there, if we fall we should get up and keep on going! It is hard! Because we feel like a total failure… but we are not! We can all fall but what matters is to get up! Thanks again for commenting!

  2. You impress me with all the pizza possibility you didn,t touvh it a bit! Strong will you are 🙂 You still have to go for that dinner and it’s even worst than the other event in a way that you will be siting at the table. Try to make the best choice and you have too eat something so don’t be too hard on yourself! You rock!

    • Aw! Thanks!!! 🙂 You are very nice! I know the next dinner will be harder (and the next one! We just got invited by another couple from church to go supper to their home! We are quite the popular family! LOL!) And I know I’ll HAVE TO eat something there without fussing because I will be a guest and I can’t be rude! I just hope I’ll still stay within my calorie range and everything.

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